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Russell Thomas

  • Born: 1988-05-14, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

    Russell Thomas is not only an established poker online and live, he is also very likable. But don't get distracted by that smile because his is fierce at the poker table.

  • Russell Thomas is another ambassador of online poker generation that made a name for himself at the WSOP 2012. But youngster has already established himself well both online as well as live. After his performance in the World Series of Poker, he along with other finalists like Jesse Sylvia, Jake Balsinger were signed up by 888, one of the most active companies in seeking to reenter U.S. online poker market. .This is the story of Russell Thomas.

    Russell Thomas comes from Pennsylvania, USA. He has accumulated over $3 million in live tournament winnings. He also plays a lot online, in an active member on TwoPlusTwo. He also plays basketball.

    Russell Thomas before poker

    The before-poker part of the story is quite short as Russell Thomas is only 24 years old. He was born in 1988 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. He studied for BA at Temple University in Philadelphia.

    Russell Thomas’ passion for poker was born from seeing his brother play home games and online poker.

    Russell Thomas Poker Career

    One he started his poker career, he even lived with Jesse Sylvia, runner-up in WSOP 2012 and his team mate at 888Poker. He started to play online poker legally in 2008 and became well-known in the poker community.

    But that was just the beginning because once he started to appear in live poker tournaments, he played better and better cashing in every year at the WSOP.

    Russell Thomas playing WSOP 2012

    Once Russell Thomas made it to the Final Table, he partnered with Jason Somerville, a famous poker player and coach, to help him train. But along with training, they also did a video series called Final Table. It’s really superb.

    Check out Part 1:

    Once the time for the Final Table came, Russell Thomas did really well to stay on top of his game and finish fourth. That’s actually his fourth money finish in the WSOP after yearly finishes in 2010 and 2011. After that he also had money finishes at WPT Parx Open and the inaugural WSOP Asia Pacific.

    Russell Thomas Live Tournament Results

    • WSOP $1.500 Event – 5th place ($84.000)
    • WSOP $1000 Event – 294th place ($1.800)

    • WSOP - $10.000 Main Event – 248th place ($40.000)

    • WSOP $10.000 Main Event – 4th ($2.8 million)
    • WPT $3.300 Main Event – 23rd place ($10.000)
    • WSOP Asia Pacific $10.00 Main Event – 8th place ($88.000)

    Sarah Grant from Pokernews talked with Russel Thomas after his WSOp 2012 elimination in fourth place:

    Play poker like Russell Thomas

    Remembering a name is much easier than remembering a nickname. But you should remember this one: ‘into2ndwind’. Yes, that’s Russell Thomas’ online poker screen-name. Act cautiously if you ever encounter him at the same table. He’s really good.
    How do we know?

    Recently, he was playing Pokerstars Sunday Millions and made it to the final table. If you want to play like Russell Thomas, check out the video coverage of Sunday millions below with hole cards showing and a commentary of Jason Somerville, Thomas’ poker coach.

    2013 for Russell Thomas

    There is undoubtedly a long way to go to prove that WSOP performance was not just a result of luck. But rightfully Thomas is regarded to as one of the biggest prospects in the future of poker so most likely we will see Russell Thomas taking down a poker tournament.

    He will be playing in WSOP 20113 and maybe then we will see him win his first Gold bracelet. Follow him on Twitter and his news in 888Poker blog.