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Pius Heinz

  • Pius Heinz

    Born: 1989-05-04, Odendorf, Germany

    Pius Heinz is a player that many people talk about today because he knows how to deal with the cards.

    • Pius Heinz
    • Pius Heinz
    • Pius Heinz
    • Pius Heinz
  • Pius Heinz is a German-born poker player from Bonn who won the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event. He previously studied business psychology but left his studies in order to pursue a poker career with the team Team PokerStars. Pius got into poker games while watching the Main Event as a teen. He and his started playing online and Pius won $700,000 in these games. In 2010 Pius won the Full Tilt Poker Sunday Mulligan and a year later he won the Pokerstars tournament with $150,000. Pius is also the first German to the World Series of Poker Bracelet.

    No Luck for Heinz This Year

    According to an article on ESPN.com, Pius Heinz has been eliminated from the 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event. When he walked out of the arena where the game was held, he did not get much fanfare from the audience and it was also this way when he entered the arena. Heinz’s reign as last year’s champion seemed uninteresting as many of the American fans did not know a lot about him and this is what sometimes happens to poker stars from other countries.

    How to Play Poker Well Like Pius Heinz

    Here is how you can play poker just as well as Pius Heinz. One thing you want to do is read a few books on poker and the rules for playing the game. At this juncture you do not want to play online poker games yet because you are just getting started with the basics. You also want to meet up with friends who are skilled in poker and this is how Pius Heinz learned to play. Attend local poker events and look for someone who wants to be someone’s poker coach.

    Pius Heinz in His Own Words

    In an interview with Pokerana right after his 2011 historic win, he said that he was proud to represent Germany and he was amazed by the support he received from Germans back home. Pius said that he faced a lot of pressure and nervous before and during the game but he focused more on the game and he believes this is how he won the World Series of Poker. He also mentioned that he advised aspiring poker players to always enjoy the game.

    Hero for Those Who Play Online Poker

    This player’s success at last year’s World Series of Poker Main Event could be considered an inspiration to those who play online poker with dreams of getting to the same tournament one day. Pius Heinz started his poker journey with online games and as he practiced with friends, he became better and joined a poker team. For aspiring poker players who are currently learning the skill online, you may not get the exact success as Pius Heinz, but you may get close by joining a local poker team and possibly become good enough to enter a few national championships.

    How to See Pius Heinz in Action

    Here is how you can see Pius Heinz in action if you want to learn poker by watching him play. There are tons of YouTube videos that feature him from last year’s World Series of Poker. Another idea is to purchase a DVD of last year’s World Series of Poker at a local video store. If Pius Heinz is making a special appearance at a few local poker events, attend these so you can get a better idea of Pius’s playing style. Sometimes cable networks have special programs that feature Pius Heinz.

    Pleasant and Down-To-Earth Personality

    Maybe he is maintaining this attitude because he is just getting started in the world of competitive poker, but so far Pius Heinz is not very fazed or puffed up by the accolades he received or games he won. In many of the interviews he did, he appeared confident but not cocky. His attitude should be copied by other youngsters who want to become well-known poker players in the world. Pius seems to have a grateful attitude and maintains close ties with his family friends back home. This is not bad for a person who started off as a college student with big dreams.

    Boost for Germany’s Image

    Pius Heinz’s historic win at last year’s World Series of Poker is also a boost for Germany’s image, especially during a time when the country is experiencing financial woes and some of the lingering negative effects from World War II. When Pius Heinz won the poker championship, it helped young Germans believe in their nation again and aspire for big dreams.

    Special Recognition

    After Pius Heinz’s victory at the 2011 World Series of Poker, he received three nominations from the European Poker Association. The nominations were for Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year and Tournament Performance of the Year. With this recognition it is clear that he will be around for a long time.

    Where to Find Press Releases about Pius Heinz’s Latest Tournament Appearances

    Here are ways you can find information on Pius Heinz’s latest tournament appearances. You can subscribe to a poker trade magazine since it usually lists the latest poker tournaments and who will appear in them. Ask friends who follow poker games and ask them to locate press releases on Pius’s latest gigs in your area. If he is n a tournament right outside your city, you and the friend can drive there.


    It is not every day that you come across a talented young poker player from Germany with a special gift for what he does. Pius Heinz achieved more than a tournament win and millions of dollars at last year’s World Series of Poker. He inspired fellow young Germans to dream again and he proved that young and older persons can be equally successful in this game. Pius also demonstrated confidence and grace even after a defeat this year. This shows the humility that is often lacking among many young persons involved in gaming activities. Overall, Pius Heinz is a person we all should watch in the future.