Paul Valkenburg

  • Born: 1982-08-01, Eindhoven

    Paul Valkenburg is 30 year old poker player known all around Europe. Unibet Open 2010 tittle owner is always fun to watch at a poker table. Here is everything about Unibet Poker ambassador - Paul Valkenburg.

  • Unibet Poker ambassador Paul Valkenburg has won over $416.000 in live tournament cashes. He has a Unibet Open title that he won in 2009. Paul is still a rising star in poker that shows professionalism and consistent results.

    Valkenburg Bio

    He was born in 1982 in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Currently he resides in Barberino di Val d'Elsa, Italy but as he claims he also spends a lot of time in Sweden and Belgium. But he has never lived in one place for too long. Just a few years ago he lived in Prague.

    Paul Valkenburg is not only a poker player, he is also a writer. For a few years he wrote reports for Netherland site of Pokernews. This is mostly strategy related stuff but in some sort it is also a blog. It’s all written in Dutch but if you are interested, make sure to check it out.

    Paul Valkenburg Poker Career

    Paul, like many others started his poker career in home games. He started playing poker more seriously in 2007. His first poker cash was a year later at World Series of Poker. Overall, his career cashes include World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, Belgium Open and Unibet Open including two deep runs at consecutive EPT Snowfest and EPT San Remo.

    For obvious reasons he does not play in many WSOP events. So, his last cash was in 2011 when he almost reached the final table of a $1.000 NL Holdem event. However, he is often seen in various poker events around Europe, especially Unibet Open.

    Paul Valkenburg at Unibet Open

    His biggest win and so far the only title in live poker tournaments is Unibet Open London. He took down this event in 2010 and won over $171.000. But he has also shown great results before and after his win. In fact, two years after that Paul almost became the first player to win two Unibet Open titles.

    Unibet Open London events have been very friendly to Valkenburg:
    • Unibet Open London 2009 Paul finished 19th
    • Unibet Open London 2010 Paul finished 1st
    • Unibet Open London 2012 Paul finished 4th

    Play like Paul Valkenburg

    Currently, Paul Valkenburg plays poker online but as he still represents Unibet Poker, you can meet him at every Unibet Open event. Also, you can follow the coverage of the event via Unibet Open blog and videos. And of course, you can find him online playing at Unibet Poker.


    Paul Valkenburg is a well-known player in European Arena but is not that easily recognized overseas. But being quite young, Paul still has lots of potential to reach worldwide fame by wining WSOP event. If you would like to play with Valkenburg, find him at Unibet Poker.