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Patrick Bruel

  • Patrick Bruel

    Born: 1959-05-14, Maurice Benguigui, Tlemcen, France

    Patrick Bruel is a French actor, singer and poker player of Jewish Algerian descent. He was born to Jewish parents in French Algeria and his family became French in 1870 after the French government gave the Jewish population there full citizenship...

    • Patrick Bruel
    • Patrick Bruel
    • Patrick Bruel
  • Patrick Bruel is a French actor, singer and poker player of Jewish Algerian descent. He was born to Jewish parents in French Algeria and his family became French in 1870 after the French government gave the Jewish population there full citizenship rights. Patrick acts and sings for a living but in recent years he became a professional poker player. In 1988, he was able to win a World Series of Poker bracelet at the Limit Hold Em Event and as of 2009 he earned $900,000 altogether with the games he participated in. Patrick has been in 40 television programs and films and he recorded a few music albums.

    Bruel’s Popularity in Poker World

    Patrick Bruel is considered an ambassador of Texas Hold Em in France and since got involved in poker in the mid 1990s, his popularity soared. In France he is especially well-known and loved by French gaming enthusiasts. Patrick capitalized on his success and popularity and became the co-founder of Winamax, which is a team of professional poker players in France with a online poker website. Poker industry experts consider Winamax one of the best online poker sites around.

    Other Recognition Winamax Received

    Winamax received an award from EGR as the French Operator of The Year and the Legigame Barometer Award, which is an award that is given to online gambling websites that adhere well to France’s laws regarding online gambling.

    Unlikely Poker Star

    When you think about France or Algeria, you usually do not think of poker champions. Some people may see French culture as mostly haute couture fashions, fine wines, the infamous Eiffel Tower, Paris cafes, delicious cheeses and pastries and romance. But with Patrick Bruel’s success in poker playing, France is becoming a nation that enjoys poker games.

    History of Poker in France

    In order to better understand Patrick Bruel’s success in France, it is helpful to understand the history of poker in France. The French have played card games for centuries and some history exprrts say that the roots modern poker go back to the card playing days. Prior to the early 2000s, there were not many places where the French could play poker with friends. Aside from Patrick Bruel, other popular French poker players include Bertrand Grospellier, David Benyamine, Antoine Saout and Fabrice Soulier.

    Where to Find Patrick Bruel Videos

    Here is where you can find Patrick Bruel’s videos in which he appears in poker championships. The video store is a good place to find poker championship videos in which Patrick appears. If there is a gaming supplies store in your area, you can look for poker videos about him there. If you are attending a poker conference, you may find DVDs of games that Patrick Bruel participated in during previous years. Online gaming retailers may also carry his videos. If you are just learning how to play poker, this would help a lot.

    Patrick Bruel’s Music Career

    Patrick Bruel wanted to be a soccer player as a teen but it was also during this time that he developed a strong interest in music by listening to his mother’s records and major rock artists such as Eric Clapton, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. When Bruel released the song Marre de Cette Nana-La in 1983, he immediately became a pop music favorite among teenage girls.

    In 1987, Bruel performed at the Olympia Theater in Paris and this performance became a live album. In 1989 Bruel released his second album Alors Regarde, and this album propelled him further as a star in his country. This album focused on his concerns about environmental issues, Brazil and general themes of love and friendship. By the start of the 1990s, “Bruelmania” took France by storm and he won several awards. One award he received was from the Sacem, which is the French organization for songwriters and producers.

    1995 and Beyond Regarding Music

    In 1995 Patrick Bruel performed with rai singer Khaled and West African singer Youssou N’Dour and it was a great performance according to music critics. It was also during this time that he developed a passion for human rights issues and he cancelled two concerts in Southern France to stand against a right-wing political party that was taking shape in France. In 1999 he began work on his album Just Avante and critics were pleased with it. For this album he incorporated Arab rhythms as homage to Algeria and the focus of the album was relationships.

    Building Your Poker Playing Skills Like Patrick Bruel

    Here are some ways that you can build your poker playing skills if this is your first time learning poker. The first thing you should do is purchase some books on poker and talk to poker players in your area and see if one of them can become your poker coach. When you read the books, write down key notes and get hands-on training with your poker coach. You should also attend any poker events in which Patrick Bruel or other well-known poker players will be featured. The best way to learn poker is looking at those who are skilled in the game. However, it is not enough just to observe. You should meet with poker players and offer to play a few games with them.


    Patrick Bruel is a talented poker player who earned substantial money with his skills. It is not as if was desperate for cash because he is also a multitalented musician and actor. Patrick Bruel’s popularity added to the rise of interest in online poker in France thanks to his online site Winamax. Youtube videos abound of his French-language tutorial on proper poker techniques.

    Because of his success as a poker player, it has created an interest worldwide in poker playing and this game is no longer confined to American audiences. Patrick Bruel contributed to the globalization of the gaming industry and the world is better off as a result. The legacy Bruel left will last for decades to come.