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Mike Sexton

  • Born: 1947-09-22, Shelby, Indiana

    Mike Sexton is one of the best know people in tournament poker - he plays, he hosts and he comments.

  • There are very few legend-like poker players left like Mike Sexton. He has started his poker career in 70’s but before he has become one of the best known personalities in poker, he was a gymnast, a bridge players and coach, a soldier and a salesman.

    But late 90’s and past that was the real time to shine - he started contributing to as a member of Party Poker as well as he began hosting World Poker Tour events.
    He has recorded a couple of $1 million exceeding cashes, a WSOP bracelet and he is even a member of Poker Hall of Fame that between 1979 and 2012 has introduced 44 people including Stu Ungar, Johhny Moss, Phil Hellmuth and others.

    The Story of Mike Sexton

    Mike Sexton was born on 22 September, 1947 in Shelby, Indiana. He studied at Ohio State University. He got involved with poker in 1977. He has been a gymnast and also a bridge player and coach in North Carolina.

    Before that, in 1970 he joined the army. However, it was actually a very short experience. He never saw any action as his division had just returned from Vietnam when he joined. After two years in the army, he began his career as a salesman that he exchanged to poker a few years later.

    Just before the poker boom erupted, Mike Sexton got involved with Party Poker. The company was just starting out so Sexton instantly became an important figure here. He has been not only a sponsored pro here but he has been the face of the new online poker room. Maybe even a bit of a lucky charm.

    In the end, he was the one to come up with the name Party Poker in 1999. Today his partners here are poker players Kara Scott, Marvin Rettenmeier and Tomeu Gomila.

    Mike Sexton is as close to Party Poker as it is to the whole World Poker Tour series that invited Sexton to become a part of it in 2002. He has been the host of the tournament from the Season One in 2002. The crazy thing is that Sexton has not yet won an event even though he has been here since the start – playing and commentating. Along his long-time friend and colleague Vince Van Patten.

    Although, Sexton has cashed in four events including two final tables out of a total of 31 that he has entered:

    • Bay 101 Shooting Star. 6th place finish for $148.000.
    • Gioco Digitale WPT Venice Grand Prix. 3rd place finish for $69.000.

    Mike Sexton – the Ambassador of Poker

    When you think about Mike Sexton’s career that continues for over 30 years and see that he has only one WSOP bracelet you know it does not reflect his true abilities. And that is true. But his biggest contribution to the game is not the wins he managed to snatch but so much more.

    Over his long-lasting career Sexton has accumulated over $4.5 million in tournament winnings and over 20 wins in a variety of tournaments all over the world. But most importantly, he was recently inducted into Poker Hall of Fame for his contribution. Rightly so he is called The Ambassador of Poker.

    Mike Sexton is no rookie in poker world. He is placed among the greats like Doyle Brunson, Erik Seidel and Stu Ungar, that has been best friends with Sexton since 1984.

    Mike Sexton Playing poker

    Would you like to play like Mike Sexton? It will not be easy to do. He’s really an old hand in the business being involved in playing as well as commentating. This may be one of the most spectacular televised plays he has made in his career:

    He has also written a poker book called a Shuffle Up and Deal: The Ultimate No Limit Texas Hold 'em Guide (2005). The book includes strategy and insights on set-up of an event. There is no better person available for a book like this as Mike Sexton was there when there it all started and especially when televised poker revolution broke out with card cameras.

    In 2009 he has been inducted into Poker Hall of Fame. Every player agrees that this is the biggest honor you can receive in poker. He has beaten other finalists this year including Barry Greenstein, Dan Harrington, Phil Ivey, Tom McEvoy, Men Nguyen, Scotty Nguyen, Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel. Actually, Harrington and Seidel were inducted the next year (2010) and Greenstein got his acknowledgment the following year (2011).

    One of his most notable wins, the only WSOP Title came early in his career from Limit 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo in 198. His first place finish earned him $104.400. Also, he once managed to finish as close to the title as you can without getting one – 2nd place in 2002 in No Limit Holdem event.

    However, mike Sextons biggest ever win was from the last year’s WSOP the Big one for One Drop sponsored by Guy Laliberte. In this event Sexton finished 9th and took $1. 1 million. But it does not look so spectacular if you keep in mind that event was $1 million to buy-in.


    Mike Sexton is already a legend in poker though we doubt that he is done trying. He plays in nearly every WPT event as well as at least a few WSOP events every year. All we can is wish him luck in the upcoming series.