Jesper Hougaard

  • Born: 1984-08-07, Copenhagen, Denmark

    Jesper Hougaard was a table tennis before he started playing poker. Since then, he has become of of the most accomplished players with almost $3 million in winnings live and online.

  • Jesper Hougaard is a very experienced player. He is not the most popular poker person but those that know him, know him for his tremendous results. For example, he is one of the few players to win Pokerstars Sunday Million TWICE.

    Jesper Hougaard Personal Life

    Jesper was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1984. Before getting into poker, Hougaard was a professional table tennis player. He even represented Denmark in the National Team and was a coach.
    While a kid he did spend am few years in London as his father served in N.A.T.O. forces.

    Jesper Hougaard Poker life

    Hougaard’s name may not be known well for a casual poker player but advanced players known him very well. He is recognized for his performance at the tables. In his career Jesper Hougaard has represented Bet24 and Bet365.
    Once Throughout his life, Hougaard has accumulated over a $2 million in live events and almost $500.000 in online poker cash.

    Jesper Hougaard Results in Poker

    Not many players are capable of juggling both: online and live poker so perfectly as Hougaard. He has 10 cashes in WSOP including two tittles. His first tittle win was back in 2007 where he won $20.000 in a €300 buy-in Heads Up event.

    His first WSOP bracelet came in 2008 $1500 Event that bagged him over $600.000. Also, in 2008 he played in several events in WSOPE and managed to win his second gold bracelet for £144.000. As this was the first WSOPE ever held, Hougaard became the first players to win events in both – WSOP and WSOPE.

    Not surprisingly, in 2008 he also had his first big tournament cash. In April he claimed his first Sunday millions title on Pokerstars to win $147.000.

    A year later Hougaard won his second Sunday Million title. Even though he came in as one of the short stack, he managed to chip up and win $206.834. If you are interested how the action played out, here is an article with full details.
    You can also meet him throughout EPT events in Europe.

    Play like Jesper Hougaard

    It is always super valuable to hear from the true professionals, to get to pick their brain, to know how they think and what they think. We cannot promise you will be able to read Jesper’s mind, but you can certainly learn a lot from him.
    For example, check out Pokerstars blog for his interview


    For a few years he has not been that active in live poker events, but he still plays actively online. You can find him on Bet365 and Pokerstars. We hope to see him in the nearest poker events and wish him more deep runs and big cashes.