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Jennifer Tilly

  • jennifer tilly

    Born: 1958-09-16, Los Angeles, California

    Jennifer Tilly is one of the best poker players in addition to being an American actress. Tilly is the World Series of Poker Ladies’ Event bracelet winner.

    • jennifer tilly
    • jennifer tilly
    • jennifer tilly
    • jennifer tilly
  • Jennifer Tilly is one of the best poker players in addition to being an American actress. Tilly is the World Series of Poker Ladies’ Event bracelet winner. She was born in Los Angeles and her parents divorced when she was three. She received her bachelor’s degree from Stephens College in Missouri and she began her acting career in the early 1980s. Tilly appeared on programs such as Hill Street Blues, Cheers, The Gary Shandling Show, and in the movie The Fabulous Baker Boys, which was her breakthrough role. In 1994 she was nominated as Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie Bullets Over Broadway.

    Life in Poker Playing

    In 2005 Jennifer Tilly won the World Series of Poker Ladies’ Events bracelet winner and $158,625. She also surpassed 600 players in the Texas Hold Em Ladies Event and she won the third World Poker Tour Ladies Invitational. Tilly briefly retired from poker in 2008 but as of this year she is resuming it. Tilly says that she plans to treat poker playing more as a pastime rather than a career as she did in previous years.

    How She Learned Poker Playing

    Jennifer Tilly said in an interview in New York Magazine that she is not the average celebrity poker player that lacks poker experience. She mentioned that she learned about poker playing from her father, who was addicted to poker. Apparently she maintained her father’s love of poker because in her words, “It’s like drugs. You start off playing 25, 50 cents at the kitchen table but you just want more and more thrills. I’d rather be playing poker.”

    Finding Jennifer Tilly’s Movie and Poker Playing Video Clips

    If you want to watch clips of your favorite Jennifer Tilly movies and poker performances, you can go to YouTube as they have plenty of video clips of her past performances. If you are not very familiar with all of her movies, you can research them on movie review websites.

    Tilly On Beauty and Style

    Recently StyleBistro listed her as one of the most beautiful women over 50. She says that according to a study she read, people have various definitions of what it means to be an older person, and that in her opinion not enough people are living adventurous lives. Tilly also mentioned the insecurities some older actresses struggle with. She said, “There’s an ongoing obsession with youth, especially in Hollywood. Some of my friends who were beautiful can only play parts that reflect their demographic.”

    Some Quotes From Jennifer Tilly

    One quote that she said was “I’d rather be loved by somebody who respects me.” She is an individual who believes that you should not point out your flaws, as those around you are not as nurturing and sympathetic as you think. This is especially good advice for those who want to enter a Hollywood career.

    Some Do Not Think She Is An Expert

    As an example of the barriers that some females face when they enter male-dominated gaming professions such as poker, Jennifer Tilly has had to deal with criticism from those within the poker industry who claim that she is just another celebrity poker player with little skill despite her many winnings and natural talent. She reacted to the criticism by saying “I won thousand dollars more than Phil Laak(poker player and boyfriend) and I won a gold bracelet. I’m not rubbing it in but that makes me a professional poker player.”

    Jennifer Tilly’s Personal Life

    From 1984 to 1991, Jennifer Tilly was married to Sam Simon, who was the creator of the TV show The Simpson. In the early 200s she started dating her current boyfriend Phil Laak. Laak is a well-known poker player and poker coach who was born in Dublin Ireland and now lives in California. He is much younger than Tilly with a twenty-year age difference. Some in the poker industry consider them poker’s power couple.

    Influence on The Image of Actresses

    When people think of actresses, they may see them as women whose main talents lie in doing movies and acting as socialites. Going all the way back to the days of Marilyn Monroe, actresses longed to be taken seriously not just for acting but also their non-acting skills. Jennifer Tilly’s achievements in poker are an example of how an actress can gain respect in other areas other than film work.

    A Twist of Irony

    This fall season she will appear on the Simpsons as a guest star and the irony in this is that her ex-husband is the creator of this show. In this upcoming episode, she will play the role of a poker teacher for Lisa Simpson, who needs to learn poker in order to recover the college fund that Homer Simpson squandered through an online poker game.

    Where to Locate Poker Events Where Jennifer Tilly Will Appear

    You can ask friends who attend poker events and ask them where Jennifer Tilly will appear for public poker events. Another idea is to subscribe to a poker trade magazine because they usually give listings of the latest poker events. If you belong to a poker club, your club members can give you information on upcoming poker events that feature Jennifer Tilly.


    Jennifer Tilly is a talented actress who successfully launched a poker career while earning a substantial amount of money for it. She was one of the few actresses in Hollywood who broke gender barriers in poker and despite the criticism, she was confident in her abilities and silenced the critics with her skills. Jennifer Tilly is also a down-to-earth person who has an amazing sense of humor and wisdom to share with other aspiring poker players.

    Tilly is also looking great for her age and she is an inspiration to older women to realize that life does not stop once you turn 50 but instead you are entering a new and exciting phase in your life.