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Gaelle Baumann

  • Born: 1983-04-26, Strasbourg, France

    Gaelle Baumann has rocked the poker world just over a year ago by taking 10th in WSOP Main Event, but we are sure she is here to stay. Not only beautiful but intelligent, she is a sponsored poker player at France-based Winamax Poker. We give you...

  • Gaelle Baumann has rocked the poker world just over a year ago by taking 10th in WSOP Main Event, but we are sure she is here to stay. Not only beautiful but intelligent, she is a sponsored poker player at France-based Winamax Poker. We give you her story.

    Biography of Gaelle Baumann

    A French woman comes from Strasbourg. She got involved with poker while studying in Perth, Australia. In 2008 she acquired a diploma in languages and literature. She won 6-months of free coaching in 2010 which helped her improve immensely to quickly become known as an online cash game player. In online world she is known as ‘_O_RLY’.

    Two years in, 2012 she signs a deal with Winamax that she represents to this day. Now she lives and plays poker in Malta

    At the moment she in 10th in All-time Women in the WSOP money list and 2nd all-time money list of woman from France (the first one if of course Lucille Cailly).

    WSOP 2012 Main Event bubble girl

    There is no surprise that every time a female makes it big in poker, it gets immense attention. Not to say it is all positive but it surely is huge when a female member of this “boys’ club” manages to make it big.

    For 17 years no WSOP Main Event Final Table was a no-female zone but in WSOP 2012 with 11 players remaining two of them were women – Elizabeth Hille and Gaelle Baumann.

    Sadly enough, both of them were the ones to bubble the Final Table and WSOP ME Final Table remains a no-woman zone since another poker player Barbara Enright achieved it in 1997.

    Some say Gaelle Bauman, WSOP 2012 ME FT bubble girl was just lucky to make it to 10th place but she herself begs to differ. WSOP 2012 Main Event was already her third cash of the series in Las Vegas alone. Besides that she also had a finish in one EPT event.

    She has also been recognized by an online poker room, Winamax that signed her long before the world Series of Poker in 2012. And apparently, they have made the right decision.

    Her partners there are a professional poker players Ludovic Lacay (EPT San Remo Main Event winner), Davidi Kitai (winner of EPT Berlin), Nickolas Levi and a singer Patrik Bruel and many others poker players better known to French audiences. .

    Gaelle in WSOP 2012

    Even though she did well in previous events, she entered the $10.000 Main Event as an unknown. Her previous finishes that year include a 15th in $1.500 Ladies Event and a $2.500 No Limit Hold’em.

    • $1.000 Ladies Championship

    936 female poker players entered the $1.000 to buy-in Event #51 Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Championship. Gaelle finished in 15th place after being knocked out by Angela Moed’s (who finished fourth).

    • $2.500 No Limit Hold’em

    She managed to finish on 123th in this event that recorded 1.607 entries. Her prize for the efforts - $5.265

    Of course, the big news was when Gaelle emerged as a Day 2b chip leader with over 1000 players left out of 6598. She managed to keep among the Top almost throughout the whole tournament (Day 3 – 50th, Day 4 – 3, Day 5 - 13th)

    Main Event controversy that possibly cost Baumann a Final Table seat

    Every time you think about Gaelle Baumann in WSOP 2012, you remember that controversial hand on Day 5 that might have changed the outcome of the rest of the main event completely. It could have ended the tournament for the future October-niner while boosting Baumann’s stack to 4th place in chips.

    And you will never guess who eliminated Baumann from the tournament on Day 7. Or will you?

    At the moment Gaelle Baumann had around 3.8 million chips while Hungarian player, Andras Koronkai’s stack was about 2 million. At stakes 15.000/30.000, Gaelle Baumann raised to 60.000 from UTG.

    After everybody folded, Koronkai raised all-in in the Small blind. Gavin Smith folded in the Big blind and Koronkai, not realizing Gaelle is still in the hand mucked his hand. After not being to uncover his cards, tournament official was called for the ruling.

    Did we mention Baumann held pocket Kings?

    Here’s the controversial hand in full:

    Final 16 and the Bubble

    After the set back with Koronkai, Gaelle Baumann had a bit of a unlucky streak and ended Day 6 in the last place of the 14 remaining players. Day 7 was meant to form the final table. Winning a few hands allowed her to build up her stack to 6 million chips but the day ended with the villain of the Day 5 – Andras Koroknai eliminating her as the bubble girl of the tournament.

    Play Poker like Gaelle

    Gaelle Bauman, Winamax sponsored pro at the moment has acquired over $640.000 in her live poker cashes. In her life she as a sponsored poker pro she has showed her skill in many live events worldwide.

    To get a glimpse how does she do it, we recommend checking out her €100 challenge on Winamax that she recorder on her blog. As a treat for your eyes, you can also check NBC National Heads up Championship 2013 Episode 4 where two beautiful poker players Baumann and Boeree clash.

    NBC National Heads up Championship 2013 Episode 4


    Gaelle Baumann has everything poker world requires. She is beautiful, ambitious, smart and plays poker brilliantly. And it is always great to see a female poker player make a name for herself. Poker world really lacks more female players.

    So far, 2013 has brought lots of poker action already. Gaelle Baumann was played in a couple of EPT Events although she was a little short of luck. But you can be sure about one thing.

    When Gaelle Baumann opens the door to WSOP 2013 Main Event, all eyes will be turned towards her. It will be hard to finish as good as she did last year but we wish her all luck and hope to see her win her first WSOP Gold bracelet.