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  • Doyle Brunson

    Born: 1933-07-12, Longworth, Fisher County, Texas

    Doyle Brunson is a legend in the poker world. He has played poker for 50 years, is the first two-time World Series of Poker winner, has written books on this topic and is a Poker Hall of Fame inductee. Brunson was the first poker player to win a...

    • Doyle Brunson
    • Doyle Brunson
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    • Doyle Brunson
    • Doyle Brunson
  • Doyle Brunson is a legend in the poker world. He has played poker for 50 years, is the first two-time World Series of Poker winner, has written books on this topic and is a Poker Hall of Fame inductee. Brunson was the first poker player to win a million dollars and he won ten bracelets throughout his career. In 2006 Bluff Magazine ranked him as the most influential person in poker.

    Childhood and Teen Years

    Doyle Brunson was born in 1933 in Longworth, Texas. He ran track and played basketball, and he attended Hardin Simmons University. He earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in administrative education. While in his teens Brunson started playing poker with the five-card draw and his earnings helped him pay for medical expenses while recovering from injuries suffered while playing basketball. By the early 1960s he became a professional poker player.

    Poker Career

    Doyle Brunson’s poker career started with a series of illegal games throughout Texas and Louisiana that were run by organized crime rings. Brunson mentioned that he was beaten and robbed a few times during the early stages of his career. In the 1970s, Brunson moved to Las Vegas and this was also the time when the World Series of Poker was created. He participated in the tournament every year and in 1976 and 1977 he had back-to-back wins.

    Book on Poker Playing Techniques

    Doyle Brunson later wrote what many poker industry experts consider the most comprehensive book on poker playing techniques. Other poker players who added to the book included Bobby Baldwin, Mike Caro, Chip Reese and Joey Hawthorne. This book is considered a must-have for aspiring poker players.

    Insights Into Doyle Brunson’s Life

    As for his childhood years in Texas, Brunson mentioned that the town he lived in was primarily a farming town and as a child he and his family were poor. Hid dad managed a local gymnasium and this is how Doyle got involved in sports. Doyle also mentioned that he entered the poker profession after realizing that the teacher’s salary did not give him enough income and he enjoyed playing poker.

    As for his early years of poker playing in Texas, he felt that he could win the most money in the tougher areas of Texas. He talked about having to make sure the police did not arrest him since poker was illegal, and he had to make sure that he was not cheated out of his winnings by shady players.

    Interesting History of Poker On Doyle Brunson’s Website

    According to Doyle Brunson’s website, poker may have originated in France with card game poque. The French settlers in New Orleans continued this game through the 1700s and 1800s and the game included twenty cards along with four players per game. As the years went by poker players started using 52-card decks and during the Civil War, several variations of poker appeared. These variations include the five-card draw, straight poker and draw poker.

    In the mid-20th century poker games became organized thanks to the creation of the World Series of Poker in 1970. During this time America saw the rise of poker superstars and it was also during this time that there was a slow entry of women into poker championships. In the 21st century, poker championships moved from arenas and television to the Internet with the arrival of online poker websites. Some of our modern poker stars include Vanessa Rousso, Jennifer Tilly and Chad Brown. Because of online poker sites, more people have the chance to earn a decent living with their poker skills.

    Where to Find Doyle Brunson’s Book

    Here is how you can find Doyle Brunson’s book Super System, you can get it at the local bookstore and at gaming stores. If you live near a major discount retailer, you can also get the book there. Another way to get this book is at the thrift store because they usually have books at marked down prices.

    Some Poker Advice from Doyle Brunson and Other Poker Players

    Brunson says that in order to be a successful poker player, you do not want to get even during the game because this takes your focus off the game and you risk losing the game. Poker players also should not should put too much hope in what they invested before they decide to bet in the game. The players should also avoid asking for sympathy when they lose. When you play the game you should keep a closed hand at all times and do not belittle your opponents because this is good sportsmanship.

    Doyle Brunson And His Wife

    Doyle married his girlfriend Joyce in 1960 and they have four children together. Doyle feels that his 52-year marriage to Joyce is unusual in the poker industry, and throughout his life he tried to keep his professional life from his personal and it is why they had a successful marriage. His son, Todd, is also a poker player. Based on Doyle’s comments, it appears that while he is tough when playing poker, he is able to remain a loving family man.

    Doyle on The Current State of Poker

    Doyle Brunson is not completely happy with the current state of the World Series of Poker. He said in an interview that when he first started in the tournaments, the poker players came first. Nowadays it appears that the tournament has gone corporate and the players do not come first.


    Doyle Brunson paced the way for thousands of future poker players in America and around the world. He brought integrity to the poker profession and he enjoyed his career. The interesting thing about him is that he continues to play in tournaments and this is an example of how if you love what you do, age does not slow you down completely.

    Doyle Brunson is also willing to share what he learned with others as evidenced in the publishing of the book Super System. In addition, his website educates people on the history of poker. Overall, Doyle is a renaissance man in the poker world.