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Antonio Esfandiari

  • Born: 1978-12-08, Tehran, Iran

    Antonio is a representative of the younger poker players generation. Originally from Iran he spent his early life in California. Being 19 became he a professional magician and not long after that started playing poker. Since 3rd July, 2012 he...

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  • Story of Antonio Esfandiari

    Probably already not yet a legend, but certainly not a 'new kid on the block' anymore. He was born Tehran, Iran in 1978 but at the age of 9 has left his homeland with his parents and moved to California. From his early childhood he was an aspiring magician and it seems he was certain this is what he wants to do in life. After finishing high-school, he dropped out of college and became a professional magician. But as the story goes on, some friend invited him for a poker game and Antonio Esfandiari has been playing since.

    In TV has appeared on many occasions as he has played in every season on High Stakes Poker and Poker After dark. Plus, in 2007-2008 has featured in Reality Show series I bet You with his friend and another poker pro Phil Laak.

    Esfandiari in the world of poker

    Esfandiari is known as the Magician but as you can see for yourself in a video below his friends have given him a nickname Kid44 for winning $44.000 in a tournament. We wonder have they changed that nickname after his legendary $18 million win in One Drop.

    The saying: 'it is not about the quantity, it is all about the quality' may never fit better than when speaking about Antonio Esfandiari's money finishes. He has played at World Poker Tour 75 times out of which finished in the money 9 times, including 5 Final tables and two titles. In WPT events Esfandiari has already collected over $2.5 million.

    World Poker Tour titles:

    • 2004 – L.A. Poker Classic $1.3 million prize
    • 2010 - WPT Season IX $10,000 Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic $870.000

    Before this July, Antonio Esfandiari's results at WPT were his biggest wins. But Guy Laliberté charity event with the $1 million entry fee- The Big One for One Drop changed everything. Esfandiari managed to beat 47 other High Roller poker players and claimed the biggest ever prize in the world - $18,346,673. Obviously, this year has been the most successful for Antonio but not only because of the One Drop. He managed to finish in the money even 6 times in 43rd annual WSOP. Overall, Esfandiari has two WSOP bracelets and a total of 20 cashes.

    • 2004 - $2,000 Pot Limit Hold’em $184,860
    • 2012 - Event #55: The Big One for One Drop - No-Limit Hold'em $18,346,673

    Interesting facts:

    • His birth name is Amir which he has changed in 1997, when he was 19.
    • Won WPT in 2004: Youtube
    • He has written a book World Poker Tour(TM): In the Money
    • A poker pro Phil :Laak and Antonio himself featured in 2 seasons of series called I Bet You. Overall, 24 episodes were shot.