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Annie Duke

  • Annie Duke

    Born: 1965-09-13, Concord, New Hampshire, USA

    Annie Duke is a poker player who took part in the 2004 World Series of Poker, winning a bracelet. She also won the National Heads Up Poker Championship and from 2011 to 2012 she was founder and president of Epic Poker League.

    • Annie Duke
    • Annie Duke
    • Annie Duke
    • Annie Duke
    • Annie Duke
    • Annie Duke
  • Background

    Annie Duke was born in Concord, New Hampshire. She is the daughter of Rhoda and Richard Lederer. Her father, Richard, was a linguist and writer, while her brother Howard Lederer, is a poker player. Katy Lederer, her sister, is a poet and writer. Annie attended Columbia University where she majored in English and psychology. After graduating from Columbia University she received a fellowship from the National Science Foundation and she attended the University of Pennsylvania to continue her education before dropping out. In the mid-1990s she moved to Montana and got involved with poker through her brother’s influence.

    Poker Career

    Annie Duke received some notoriety from teaching actor Ben Affleck, who later won the 2004 California State Poker Championship. In the World Series of Poker and World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions which both took place in 2004, she defeated her brother. She won a gold bracelet in the Omaha Hi-Lo Tournament. As of 2010 Annie Duke has earned $4 million dollars and she holds the record for the most finishes in a game. Annie Duke also does not like to participate in women’s tournaments.

    Online Poker Work

    Annie Duke also has an online presence in the poker world and she is a member of and spokesperson for the online poker team Ultimate Bet. This is following a trend among traditionally live poker players to venture into online poker playing. Annie Duke’s foray into professional poker playing was the opposite of her younger counterparts. While the younger counterparts got their start in online poker, Annie did it directly through live tournaments.

    Well Known Rivalry between Annie Duke and Daniel Negreanu

    Throughout Annie Duke’s career she has had a longstanding feud with fellow poker player Daniel Negreanu. The feud goes back to the 1990s when he first listed Annie Duke as one of the best poker players but after a few years he began to take pot shots at her for various reasons. Negreanu claimed that Annie acts in an unprofessional manner during games. It was during this time that her brother stepped in to defend Annie and take Daniel to task for his accusations. Daniel defended his claims by giving evidence of Annie’s behavior towards him. Daniel mentioned that Annie always criticized his plays and that she accused him of wearing the same old clothes to games. In addition, he claimed that Duke would look at other players’ hands and she would steal seats.

    Image of Poker

    Annie Duke gave comments about the image of poker and the future of poker in an interview. She mentioned that in recent years poker has struggled to get mainstream acceptance because many people see the game as something people play in smoky rooms of bars or at illegal gambling houses. She wants people to know that poker is a legitimate game that requires the same skill as other types of sports.

    Where to Locate Events Featuring Annie Duke

    Here is how you can find out where the latest poker events will be in your area that features Annie Duke. You can subscribe to a poker magazine or newsletter because these publications feature the latest listings of upcoming poker events. Gaming news websites also talk about upcoming events in detail and when they will take place. Talk to a relative who enjoys poker and ask him if he knows of an event where Annie Duke will be a part of it.

    How to Learn Poker Skills like Annie Duke

    One of the best ways to learn poker skills is to read Annie Duke’s book Decide to Play Great Poker. Aside from this, you should talk to friends who play poker and ask them for tips on how to play poker correctly. Another idea is to visit a few local poker tournaments and get to know some of the players there. Observe each player’s moves and take mental notes of what you saw. Watch old TV episodes of poker tournaments and look at how players operated. Once you do this you should start playing a few games.

    Annie Duke Poker Tutor

    Annie Duke is also into teaching others about playing poker and she recently released the Annie Duke Poker Tutor. This free application is suitable for the iPhone and it includes an odds calculator and within a week of the release it received 2,300 downloads. This application has 51 poker tips and a poker glossary along with quizzes. The benefit of this application is that you can learn poker lessons daily from one of the best female poker players in the country.

    Psychology as Training for Poker

    Annie Duke originally studied psychology before becoming a professional poker player but during her graduate studies she grew bored with the field. However, her psychology studies were not in vain because she uses what she learned in poker games. This is an example of how poker players come from a variety of backgrounds. Not all poker players started out the same way and this brings diversity to the poker industry.

    The ratio of the size of the pot to the size of the bet required to stay in the pot is known as the pot odds. For instance, if a player needs to call $10 in order to win a $40 pot (excluding the call of $10), the pot odds will be 4-to-1. Having a positive expectation requires the odds of winning of the player to be better than his pot odds. At the same time, if the odds of winning of the player are also 4-to-1, the return expected is to break even, averagely winning once and losing four times for every five times a pot is played. This is a strategy that Annie Duke knows very well, and has been able to make a lot of money with it.


    Annie Duke is a pioneer in the poker world and she especially paved the way for aspiring female poker players. Annie Duke has a tough personality but she can also be generous in sharing her wisdom with others. She has a dedication to this game and her goal is to maintain integrity in the profession while still enjoying the fruits of her success. Annie Duke has several victories under her belt but her main priority is time with her children. In fact, she skips out on certain games so she can attend her children’s social events. We see here that she values family above her material wants.