Will Harry Reid save or kill U.S. online poker?

  • Harry Reid has a choice. He can help casino mogul Sheldon Adelson ban online gambling in U.S. and acquire his support for reelection or not.

  • This is a sink or swim moment for online poker in U.S. And personally, it doesn’t feel optimistic. Harry Reid has a choice to either stand with Sheldon Adelson and make sure billionaire backs him in two years for re-election in Nevada. Or he can oppose Adelson and support freedom for people that want to play online poker in U.S., an issue that Reid has been in favor before.

    Adelson’s RAWA vs U.S. online poker

    As one of the last jobs as a majority leader, Democrat Harry Reid will have to decide whether to support Sheldon Adelson in a quest to ban all online gambling in U.S. If he doesn’t do it by the 1 January, the bill will have to be re-introduced after republicans take over the Senate majority.

    That would not be such good news for Adelson as it would give extra time for more states to join Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware that already allow some form of online gambling in their state.

    So, Harry Reid, who has been an online poker supporter has a tough decision. On one hand, he could stand for online gambling that he has already stood for before. But that would probably mean that in two years, when Harry Reid will run for re-election In Nevada Adelson will be very generous to his republican opponent and make a tough battle even harder for Reid to win.

    Will RAWA become a law before January 1 we don’t know. For U.S. online gambling sake, we hope not. At least not because it’s on a hypocrite billionaire’s, who got all his money from brick-and-mortar casinos bucket list.

    But if you want to know what’s going on in detail, Huffington Post has an in-depth article.

    A viral hand in Shark Cage

    On a completely different note, have you watched Shark Cage from Pokerstars lately?

    So far there have been 7 episodes showing 7 out of 8 six-handed heats to advance to a million dollar final. We've already seen Victoria Corn-Mitchel, Jennifer Tilly and Phil Laak, Liv Boeree, sports stars and Hollywood stars such as Shanon Elizabeth and many others.

    And the last episode has been the most interesting one. Or at least, very close to it.

    And the reason for that is the very first hand were a WSOP record holder (5 cashes in a row in ME) Ronnie Bardah made trips but faced a tough decision versus a bluff shove from a former Miss Finland Sara Chafak.

    There are all sorts of opinions about the hand and the level of skill of those that played in it. But whatever they say, it was surely entertaining.

    Here’s the episode, the hand starts at 5:28:

    The episode also featured Jean Robert-Bellande, Eugene Katchalov, Kara Scott and the online qualifier Gunther Steinbach. There is one more episode left and then only the $1 million winner-take-all final will be left. The last Heat will be released on Thursday, December 11 on Pokerstars Youtube channel.