High Stakes Poker cheating scandal in Denmark

  • Cheating in poker is barely news but this time it's massive. Danish police is investigating several high stakes online poker pros that may have been scammed for tens of millions of dollars.

  • Even though the year is coming to an end, online gambling world doesn’t seem to be slowing down. There’s a massive European Poker Tour festival in Prague, politicians fight their fight for (or against) online poker, there’s a massive online poker cheating scandal in Denmark and so much more.

    Danish High stakes Poker Scam

    Several days ago poker forum TwoPlusTwo exploded due to an investigation that has begun in Denmark. As has been announced, at least one people have been alleged having installed viruses on other pros computers and cheated them for tens of millions of dollars during the recent years.

    Danish police have not charged anyone with a crime yet, but one of the people investigated is a 32-year old poker pro. Allegedly, after Trojans were planted on computers, the person or people investigated could see the cards of their opponents.

    Now, Danish poker community may be massive, but there are not that many High Stakes players. So, TwoPlusTwo community quickly found the most likely suspects (for example, Peter Jepsen that was involved in account sharing scandal vs Viktor Blom).

    And one of the most interesting theories is – if most Danish High Stakes players were affected, does that also include Gus Hansen? Was cheating the cause of his all-time biggest downswing?

    That is surely a story that we will be following closely and reporting on as soon as any additional information resurfaces.

    A small win for online poker in U.S.

    Last week the biggest concern for poker players in U.S. was whether majority leader Harry Reid will join Sheldon Adelson’s campaign and help pass Restoration of the American Wire Act.

    Good news, Adelson’s shot didn’t go through. John Pappas, executive director of the Poker Players Alliance said: “We have breathed a real sigh of relief that we were able to successfully keep it out of the omnibus despite a very concerted effort by Adelson to include it.”

    Yes, we know. It’s only for a short time and Adelson will continue his campaign against online gambling as soon as Republicans take over both chambers of Congress. But it’s still good to know the fight is not lost, yet.

    If you’re interested, here’s the Pokernews article on the subject.

    House of Cards spoof with Lodden

    Do you watch the series called House of Cards? Even if you don’t, chances are you have heard of it. So, poker pro Johnny Lodden and his Norwegian friends made a hilarious spoof called The House of PokerCards.

    Here it is:

    Let us know whether you liked the video and anything else what we talked today.