Here it is - World Series Main Event Final Table

  • 9 players will sit down tonight at a poker table in Las Vegas. One of them will go away with $10 million. That's World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table aka November Nine.

  • We are back! And what a great time it is to be back. It's WSOP Main Event Final Table time with $10,000 up top!

    Newest WSOP Hall of Fame inducteesDaniel Negreanu and Jack McClelland.

    Phil Ivey appealed Crockford’s case so there’s still plenty left of that story. But Phil Ivey was involved in a couple of more stories. He also announced a future closing of Ivey Poker.

    So, what’s next for Phil Ivey? Recently it has been announced that Ivey was approved for a city permit to run Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Las Vegas. How’s that for a business?

    WSOP ME Final Nine returned to Las Vegas

    There’s so much we can say. But at the same time, it seem that everything has been already said. World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table is never boring.

    Here is what happened today. If you don’t want any spoilers, scroll down for other poker news.

    Unfortunately for Mark Newhouse, he finished 9th, just like last year. He has said is numerous interviews that finishing ninth, even after this incredible back-to-back journey, he would feel gutted. He’s

    Second, or rather 8th was Bruno Politano. As a shortstack he had to shove a few times and his Q10o lost a flip to Felix Stephensen’s pocket 7’s.

    A few hands later, Sindelair with pocket Jacks had a bad, bad beat. Big stack Van Hoof held A3 of hearts and called Sindelair’s all-in. But with one more Ace folded, Sindelair had to fade only two outs to double up to 20 million ships. Instead, flop came an Ace and two hearts left one out for Sindelair to survive that didn’t happen.

    The fight for 6th resumed with two shortstacks. KsJs of the amateur Billy Pappas and Qd3d of the pro Martin Jacobson. Big flop - Qs2sAd, interesting turn 8d and life-saving river for Pappas – Kh. Lucky for Pappas, a couple of hands later he got KdKc, raised and got an all-in from the third biggest stack with KhQh of Larrabe.

    So, two quick hands later Pappas saw himself third in chips. After that hand Larrabe held on for an hour more, but had to shove 10 big binds with Jc10c. Chipleader Van Hoof called with a K3s and flopped a King and eliminated the player from Spain.

    That’s all we are going to tell you today. Remember, the final table does not conclude today. The action will stop at some point and they will resume tomorrow three-handed or heads-up.

    Don’t miss it!

    Shark Cage

    The recent weeks that we have been absent, PokerStars has released three episodes of the Shark Cage series with big names Gus Hansen, Jeniffer Tilly, Phil Laak, Patrik Antonius and Vicky Coren Mitchell.

    Each episode features 5 pros like Jennifer Harman, Phillip Gruisam, Theo Jorgensen, many others as well as one amateur, that qualified online.

    It's a really entertaining show. Make sure to check it out if you missed it so far.