Colman calls Helllmuth "spineless" and "cancer of the world"

  • What an amazing week was last week for poker, wasn't it? Martin Jacobson became WSOP Main Event champion while another WSOP champ Phil Hellmuth was called "spineless" and "cancer of the world".

  • Last week, when Martin Jacobson sat down at the WSOP $10,000 Main Event Final Table, he wasn't the favorite to win. He had very few chips. He had to go all-in 18 times during the final table. Someones just took blinds and antes, sometimes he got called. But everyone knows that surviving 18 all-ins is not easy. But he did it.

    WSOP Main Event winner – Martin Jacobson

    Everything has been said by now about it. A short-stack Martin Jacobson from Sweden showed great skill and held up until the end. Until shorthanded when a few nice pots went his way and 3-handed he had even stacks with Betsafe’s Felix Stephenson and Jorryt Van Hoof.

    You know the rest.

    So, we want to congratulate the Swede with winning $10 million and WSOP Main Event Title. Lots of people didn’t like Ryan Riess’s comments last year, many agree he was a lousy ambassador for the game the everyone knows Martin Jacobson will be much better.

    Good luck to him.

    Clash of the Titans

    Dan Colman is a strange man. On one hand, he doesn’t want poker to be represented, because he sees it as a dark game. On the other hand, he calls Phil Hellmuth a “cancer to this world” because of a poor way Phil represents poker. So which is it?

    Colman vs Hellmuth. Round One.

    Recently, Phil Hellmuth had an interview with Brian Koppelman:

    This might have never gotten so much attention but on a 2+2 forum thread Brian Koppelman interview with Phil Hellmuth, Dan Colman, the winner of $1 million The Big One for One Drop, posted his opinion calling Hellmuth “spineless” and “cancer of the world”.

    It’s embarrassing that we have to share our profession with whores like this guy. After I win one drop, he immediately comes on stage to shake my hand in front of a camera and congratulate me. As if he's the gatekeeper to the poker world and welcoming me inside.

    It is truly pathetic that a 40 year old would behave the way he does at the table, not to mention how spineless he is, just willing to take any sponsorship regardless of the company's integrity. Hey, anything for a payday! Really makes me sad to think there's a chance some people may look up to this charlatan. People of his attitude and character are a cancer to this world.

    Hellmuth responded with a tweet, saying: “Ouch, I was just attacked big time on a terrific poker forum: TwoPlusTwo. It was personal and it hurts, but I am proud of the man I am!

    Of course, both pros have people that agree with them. The way Phil Hellmuth acts at a poker table is truthfully horrible for a professional. But most of it is in the past. And Daniel Colman also agrees that he has made mistakes in the past:

    “I multi-accounted tournaments online when I was 17-18 with a ‘me against the world’ mentality. I have made plenty of mistakes, but I know I am far from that person I once was.”

    This was all late last week. This week Colman posted a apology-type post in the same thread admitting that he was too harsh, heated and underestimated the weight his words now have in poker community.

    But, he continues to say that he stands by what he said, that “Phil's behavior in poker is atrocious, and I don't think it belongs in this game”. He gave praise to the new champion, Martin Jacobson for being a true professional on and off the felt. Dan said:

    “He plays phenomenal poker and carries himself exceptionally well, so his peers are happy to do the talking for him. I think I can speak for any legitimate pro when I say that I want someone like Martin representing the game of poker to the casual fan over an obnoxious brat like Phil Hellmuth who I think makes a complete mockery out of the game with his antics.”

    Do you think Dan Colman is right? Does Hellmuth deserve the harsh words? Let us know what you think.