Negreanu $1m online poker challenge, 100th EPT SHR and more

  • This week Daniel Negreanu tweets about a $1 million challenge to beat $25/$50 in two weeks. Very few think it's doable and having $1 million on the line makes it a very interesting discussion.

  • This week – EPT Barcelona kicks off with SHR, Daniel Negreanu announces a $1 million challenge, then backed out and then reentered again. It's a bit confusing., But we start with a story, we talked about last week.

    Do poker sites need their pros?

    Last week we talked about Humberto Brenes, a poker legend who after 8 years is no longer a Pokerstars pro. The news left some poker pros unsure of their future and all the poker community speculating.

    What we didn’t mention last week is that in addition to Humberto Brenes, Pokerstars also said goodbye to Nacho Barbero and Angel Guillen. And that’s not all. Ultimate Poker in Nevada also was laying down their sponsored players like William Reynolds, Jeremy Ausmus, Phil Collins and Brent Hanks.

    Why do you think that is? Having a big name pro like November Niner Jeremy Ausmus not paying off? Should poker sites switch to more recreational players to sponsor, like sports stars and celebrities or should they keep their poker pro team at the minimum as it just doesn't pay off anymore like it used to?

    EPT Barcelona €50,000 Super High Roller

    EPT Super High Roller in Barcelona has kicked off the fantastic poker festival. It’s the 100th EPT event and everybody’s here from amateurs to big name pros. €50,000 Super High Roller has kicked off the action with 57 players (14-reentries).

    Players in the tournament include Sam Trickett, Ole Schemion, Dan Shak, Scott Seiver, Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel and many others. To be honest, every name in this tournament is well-respected. Even so-called amateurs like Dan Shak are always a force to be reckoned with at the poker table.

    The start of Day 2 in several hours will mark that the registration is now closed and EPT will be able to give the final numbers – the entries, prizepools and payouts.

    If you want to follow the action live, follow Pokerstars Live Coverage today, August 18th from 12:00 CET.

    Could Daniel Negreanu beat high-stakes online poker?

    Lastly, there was a huge discussion this week over who could and who couldn’t beat high stakes online poker at Pokerstars., It all started after Daniel Negreanu claimed he could beat 25/50 online. As he has not been playing a lot of online poker these years, he said he’d need two weeks of preparation and then, in two weeks (5 hours of play, 4 hours of training per day) he could beat the high stakes online.

    Not only that. He is willing to put $1 million that he could do that.

    Of course, few of the online poker wizards would agree that is possible although different opinions emerged. Isaac “Ike” Haxton and Alex “Kanu” Millar were on Negreanu’s side, pros like Dan Colman, The Big One for One Drop winner claimed there is no way Negreanu could beat the game, Colman and friends spend years to master.

    After being called out about it, at one point Negreanu tweeted that he was just messing around on Twitter. And after that, the talks have shifted that this is a challenge once Pokerstars launches in U.S.

    What do you think about this challenge? Is it doable? Maybe Negreanu is just overestimating his ability?
    Let us know what you think!