EPT Barcelona and a look at Pokerstars

  • Can you believe there have been already 99 European Poker Tour stops, each featuring dozens of superb poker tournaments and cash games. Well, ready or not, here comes the 100th EPT stop - EPT Barcelona.

  • This week we talk about 100th EPT event - EPT Barcelona that kicks off in 4 days. That’s surely going to be a great series. However, one poker pro known as the Shark, Humberto Brenes will not be representing Pokerstars at EPT.

    • EPT Barcelona starts next week

    European Poker Tour Season 11 kicks off in 4 days. 11 days of spectacular poker action in Barcelona running from August 16 to August 27. Will you be there? If we can meet you in Barcelona, let us know.

    If not, don’t miss the action online. Like they do every year, Pokerstars will be streaming events online with commentary from Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan.

    We will bring you the biggest stories of EPT Barcelona.

    Humberto Brenes leaves Pokerstars Pro

    Unfortunately, we will not see one of the most colorful poker people at EPT Barcelona – Humberto Brenes. At least not as a Pokerstars poker pro. After 8 years being a sponsored pro, his contract has expired and was not renewed.

    Here’s one of the recent Pokernews Podcast episodes featuring Humberto Brenes.

    Humberto Brenes, two time WSOP bracelet winner, has accumulated over $6 million in live career earnings and is currently 80th on All Time Money list. He’s always fun to watch at the tables and as far as we can tell, he has never blown up at any of other poker players.

    Then why did not Pokerstars renew his contact? Some speculate that due to recent ownership changes, Pokerstars' plans for Latin America have changed and this is one of the results.

    If that's the case, do you think Brazilian Andre Akari and Argentinian Leo Fernandez have something to worry about? Let us know what you think on Facebook.

    A look inside Pokerstars

    Today’s a lot about Pokerstars, isn’t it? As long as we’re at it, here’s a video they released yesterday that shows behind the scenes of one of the world’s most attractive employers.

    Did you like the video? Would you like to work at Pokerstars?

    Hansen and Blom play a $280k pot

    You probably can think of several big pots played between today’s poker pros at high stakes tables. A few days ago teammates Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom played a $280k pot, biggest this summer.
    Are you interested in who claimed the biggest pot this summer?

    Pokernews has the detailed online report including the biggest hands of the week.