"Skill vs luck in poker" still a debate

  • Today we talk about the skill side of poker and an interesting bet to make following WSOP action even more exiting this summer.

  • Today we talk about the skill side of poker and an interesting bet to make following WSOP action even more exiting this summer. If you want, you can bet against the world's greatest - Daniel Negreanu and Phil Ivey.

    Is poker about luck or skill?

    Erik Seidel recently tweeted a link of an article on Bloomberg called “Good Poker Players aren’t lucky” by James McManus. Erik Seidel added:

    Sadly, we still need to talk about poker being a game of skill. In U.S., as well even though two years ago federal court has already ruled poker as a game of skill.

    But let’s get back to the article that discusses a year-old case from Idaho that finally came to an end. In short, a few poker player were charged with gambling. Those that couldn’t afford lawyers, decided to pay fines. The others backed by Poker Players Alliance continued to fight.

    On May 15 Judge James Cawthon dismissed the charges against the poker players that include Jared Leuzinger and Mike Kasper.

    The interesting part was the two studies that followed the trial. One of which is an analysis of billion poker hands by Robert Hannum, a professor of risk analysis and gaming at the University of Denver. The study showed that 85.2% of hands end without showdown proving that the way you play your hand is much more important than the actual hand you have.

    If you are interested, check out the full article. It’s definitely worth a read.

    Ivey Negreanu bet

    While poker is a game of skill, betting is sure gambling. However, this is a bet we are very interested in.

    How likely do you think it is that Phil Ivey or Daniel Negreanu would win one of WSOP tournaments this year? Why are we asking?

    Apparently, Daniel Negreanu has tweeted a bet you can take up. You can bet against Negreanu and Ivey winning a WSOP bracelet event. Do you think it’s a good bet?

    Let’s look at it a bit closer.

    As the bet is eligible only for the summer events, you would bet that neither of the pros
    Surely, winning any event, especially WSOP event is no easy task. Even for the best of the best. But Negreanu is a 5-time bracelet winner while Ivey has won WSOP events 9 times.

    At the moment neither of players has publicly announced which of the bracelet events will they play but we guess soon enough there will be some news concerning that. Especially you can expect that from Daniel Negreanu.

    Six days until WSOP kicks off! That’s going to be hell of a summer, right? Will you be in Las Vegas? Let us know on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.