Guy Laliberte scam

  • Billionaire, Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte talks about his experience playing online on Full Tilt Poker pre-Black Friday and why he has never played online again.

  • Well, that’s some news. Technically, it’s not news. Maybe more of a speculation. But still huge.
    We are talking about Cirque du Soleil founded Guy Laliberte.

    Guy Laliberte was scammed on FTP?

    In a recent interview he gave to a Canadian newspaper Laliberte claims he was cheated against while playing on Full Tilt Poker. He says he hasn’t been playing on the site since Black Friday in 2011.

    Laliberte continues that he got ripped off as poker players on FTP were not playing with their own money and that they were financed by FTP. Therefore, having unlimited bankrolls they gained an unfair advantage over him.

    To us it’s sounds like nothing more than his own opinion but it may as well be much more than that if Laliberte knows something that he hasn’t shared yet. And it’s definitely a possibility as during the interview he said he was cheated against by people he “knew personally”.

    Moreover, similar rumours were raised back in 2011 but it remained only a speculation as the Canadian didn’t say a thing.

    But why speak up now when he hasn’t played online for three years?

    What do you think? Can the story be true? If it is, who could be the players Laliberte is talking about?

    Nobody actually knows what account did Guy Laliberte use on Full Tilt Poker but some of the possible names are Esvedra and Elmariachimacho.

    WSOP is almost here

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