U.S. onlne gambling ban moves forweard and WPT Borgata

  • Fight for online gambling in U.S. intensifies with Sheldon Adelson gathering his army of politicians with Sen. Lindsay Graham as the general.

  • Live tournament almost never have a break. This week WPT Borgata Spring Open was launched featuring an innovation that will surely help counter scams in live tournaments. But first there are some news about ban on online gambling in U.S.

    Battle for online poker in U.S. intensifies

    It’s strange how that happens sometimes but with new intrastate poker prospects players also hoped that a Sen. Reid’s and Sen. Heller’s federal online poker bill could solve all the problems at once. However, the tables have turned and it seems that U.S. is closer to a complete ban of online gambling rather than see another state legislate online poker on state level.

    On one hand, states are moving forward. New York, California, Mississippi and a few other states have plans on introducing bills and legislating online poker by the end of 2015. However, the other side of the coin is the currently ongoing Sheldon Adelson’s campaign to ban online gambling in U.S. for good.

    He certainly has the resources. And even though most of his arguments like “poker helps launder money for terrorists” sound absurd, having endless supply of money and a few politicians that could do anything for a potential donation to their campaigns can do magic.

    Last week Adelson met with a bunch of Republican politicians so it’s likely there will be some more political voices to talk against online gambling soon. However, the fight is not over yet. This week two more organizations The North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) spoke out against Sen. Lindsay Graham’s Restorations of the Wire Act that he introduced recently.

    None of the organizations speaks about online poker in particular, but both emphasized the freedom individual states should have when implementing laws concerning online gambling.

    So, this fight is far from finished. How do you think it will end? Contact us on Facebook, Twittter or Google+ and let us know.

    Borgata Spring Open kicks off with new chips

    A long anticipated series in Borgata is finally live! Overall, 17 events will take place from $230 reentry events to an astounding $5 million Main Event that runs April 21-26. You probably remember that fake chip scandal due to which Borgata Winter Open was shut down in the midst of action. So, one of the highlights of the series are new, harder-to-counterfeit chips that were introduced.

    So far it’s only Day1A of the first event of the series - $1 million GTD reentry. event so there’s a lot of exciting poker action upcoming. So far, the leader after Day 1 is Tommy Matone after winning a 4-way all-in at one of the last levels of the days.

    If you’re tempted, there is still time to enter this $560 event! If not, follow the action uncover because there’s still $15,400 buy-in $5 million WPT Championship coming up!

    You can follow Borgata Spring Open at Pokernews.com

    Don’t forget, that there is also a poker festival in San Remo has already kicked off and on Monday European Poker Tour San Remo Main Event will commence event. EPT San Remo is the event where Liv Boeree made a name for herself. Will it be a breakthrough for someone else?