Negreanu is back

  • It seems that Daniel Negreanu has put everything behind and has come back to TwoPlusTwo poker forum. Welcome back, DNegs!

  • After a week of hiatus, we’re back! Last time we were talking about PCA and Aussie Millions. Both have been over after lots of exciting poker. To be honest, live play is a little down now but just for a short while. And during this period online poker has been buzzing. For example, Negreanu has come back to 2+2!

    Negreanu at 2+2

    The story comes over a year back. In 2012 poker pro Daniel Negreanu posted a video blog on the on 2+2 forum, probably the most popular poker-related forum in the world. As the video contained an ad of a certain poker series Negreanu was expressing his opinion on, he was temporally banned for spamming by moderators and the thread was taken down.

    But it’s Negreanu we are talking about! A poker player that can go all-in blind his mid-sized stack in a High Roller event and walk away!

    So, of course, he tried to appeal the decision claiming he was not spamming, tried to post again, but had another thread to be taken down. So, the story ended with Negreanu leaving the forum that is visited by lots of top poker pros. Last week he came back to 2+2 by posting a thread called My Vision of the Poker World.

    Undoubtedly, Negreanu is one of the best known poker players and ambassadors of the game. So, it’s definitely great news that he decided to put everything behind and coming back to the most popular poker forum in the world. Especially because he is not afraid to express his opinion and lots of poker player look forward to hearing what he has to say.

    Riots in Ukraine

    Also, you may have heard the news that during the events that are currently occurring in Ukraine, 150 poker players were trapped in a casino were they ran Russian Poker Tour event. has reported on the situation couple of days ago.

    While officials report that all poker players have now been safely evacuated, the situation in Ukraine is not calming down.

    So, we want to end today by wishing Ukrainian people strength, faith and hopefully they will soon reach a consensus with the government and be able to return home.