Ivey's training site to be launched in January and Dwan's $25 million trip

  • Phil Ivey's new training site will be launched in the next 9 days. Also, did Tom Dwan win $25 million in Macau?

  • The biggest poker news this week include Phil Ivey’s training site and Dwan’s $25 million trip to Macau.

    Phil Ivey’s training site to launch in January

    Last week Phil Ivey launched an ad campaign to promote his new training site, Ivey League. We have been following this long sage-like story. At first, Ivey started recruiting top pros like Jennifer Harman, Patrik Antonius, Dan Shak and tens of others. But nothing happened. Poker players on various social media outlets were already making jokes about the lack of any updates when on February, 2013 Ivey purchased LeggoPoker training site and launched a Facebook app.

    And finally, after months of silence the conclusion is here. Ivey League will be launched in January, 2013. Having in mind that Ivey is regarded as the best poker player in the world, expectations are pretty high for his training site where he claims they will teach how to play poker “the right way”. Can’t wait!

    Gus Hansen downswing continues

    He can’t find his winning ways for over a year now. Even though during the first days FTP poker pro Gus Hansen did win, today he is already down over $800,000. Last year he was the biggest loser with $8.4 million.

    So far this year is shaping up to be very similar. However, his friend and colleague at FTP, Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom has continued his good form from the last year and so far is up $800,000.

    Tom Dwan's $25 million Macau trip

    But the biggest winner of the bunch seems to be their ex-colleague at FTP Tom Dwan. A rumor has been going round the poker community that he returned from Macau having come out of a $7 million loss and managed to bag $25 million in one session.

    Allegedly, Dwan played 4-handed NL Texas Hold’em at $15,000/$30,000 stakes.

    And that’s where the exciting story bubble seems to burst. Dwan put an end to the speculation himself by recently tweeting:

    So, I guess, that’s the end of that story. Or is it? After all, it is possible that the story is true but Dwan just doesn’t want the whole world know for obvious reasons.

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