WPT Montreal, New Jersey online and more

  • WPT Montreal is underway in Canada and we're very close to the final table. Also, last week's New Jersey launch has broken all the expectations.

  • The big story last week is the official launch of online poker in New Jersey. After the a week of soft launch there are still some problems and not all of them are fixable just by working longer on the software.

    Welcome, New Jersey

    As you may know, last week online poker launched in the third U.S. state – New Jersey. After several days of testing and fixing issues the Garden State now has four sites running - 888Poker, WSOP.com, Bwin.Poker and Ultimate Poker with several more coming soon. Of course, for now in order to play you have to be in the state.

    The problems that New Jersey players are facing so far are pretty much the same that Delaware had to deal with a few weeks ago when they launched. For example, if you live near the border the software may not always allow you to play. There are also some issues with mobile confirmation. But officials report that most of the issues should be taken care of in a matter of weeks.

    Overall, over 5000 players registered accounts on the first day and after a week this number has exceeded 50.000. Evidently, a lot of people were waiting for online poker to return to New Jersey.

    Great news you say? Definitely. However, there are a few problems. And not all are software-related. Last week casino billionaire, 80-year old Sheldon Adelson reemerged with the same statements he had been escalating for two years now. He says he will do everything in his power (near-unlimited resources, apparently) to completely ban online poker is U.S. Why?

    According to Adelson, online poker causes danger to poor people and the underage players. According to Forbes, 11th wealthiness man in U.S. also tries to ban online gambling because it's 'suicidal' to U.S. economy because of thousands of jobs lost.

    Even though he has not been listened much to, he has millions to spend on lobbyists to reach his goals.

    WPT Montreal

    Holiday season is famous for big live tournaments. One of which is WPT Montreal that this year saw a total of 862 players gather at the Playground Casino throughout three starting days. Among the 500 bust-outs there are Mike Sexton, Liv Boeree, Marvin Rettenmaier. Faraz Jaka entered all three days but could not build his stack.

    On Day 2 357 players battled it out to 59. Among big names there where Gavin Smith (66,000 chips), Johnathan Duhamel (40.000) and Antonio Esfandiari (113,000. They all had around average chip stacks unfortunately they did not survive to enter Day 3.

    Today there are only 18 players left with Sylvain Siebert (chip leader on Day 1C) still keeping the lead. Follow the action today at 17:00 GMT via WPT website . According to WPT website, the table draw is as follows:

    Table 26

    1. Hauke Gerde - 242,000
    2. Marco Cannizzaro - 2,156,000
    3. Mukul Pahuja - 2,003,000
    4. Alexandre Lavigne - 2,197,000
    5. Jonathan Little - 388,000
    6. Sylvain Siebert - 2,947,000
    7. Lily Kiletto - 1,800,000
    8. Antoine Berube - 2,156,000
    9. Patrick Eskandar - 1,325,000

    Table 27

    1. Derrick Rosenbarger - 2,875,000
    2. David Paredes - 1,519,000
    3. Serge Cantin - 656,000
    4. Thomas Giorgi - 758,000
    5. Griffin Benger - 586,000
    6. Ludovic Lacay - 543,000
    7. Patrik St. Onge - 176,000
    8. Zennawi Petros - 1,232,000
    9. Amir Babakhani - 1,656,000

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