John McCain plays online poker and Negreanu controversy

  • Sen. McCain was caught playing poker during 3 hour Congress hearing. Also, Negreanu was caught in a controversy at EPT High Roller.

  • McCain plays online poker in Congress

    The funny and an angering story broke out yesterday about Sen. John McCain playing poker. While Congress was debating an issue on Syria, Senator McCain was playing play money online poker on VIP Poker.

    McCain plays poker during a Congress hearing:

    On one side, John McCain has always been a strong opponent of online poker. Moreover, he has been in favor of intervention to Syria. So, the story feels very wrong from all sides.

    What makes it worse is the senator’s view on the subject He has sarcastically tweeted:

    But the other side of the story is a positive one. Poker needs all the publicity it can get and this story will start some important discussions. And poker players is really a fun bunch. As soon as the photo became public someone zoomed in to see what cards was he playing. The joking broke out when everybody saw McCain limped UTG with Q2o.

    Negreanu at European Poker Tour

    Another poker story comes from yesterday and involved Daniel Negreanu. Let’s face it, he can be a bit of a Drama Queen (remember EPT Grand Final when he was complaining all day about how small are the pillows in his hotel room?).

    This time it is a bit more obscure because no one knows the exact details. In general,
    Negreanu was in EPT High Roller and had just put his SB. He got up from his chair, turned around and was talking with some other players. Due to “first of the deck rule” his hand was mucked by the dealer. Negreanu was furious so he put the remainder of his chips in the blind the next hand and walked away.

    The controversy is this. No one can confirm how far from the table as Daniel. You are allows to be “within a hand’s reach”. Dealer said he was much further than. But there were no cameras present so no one knows for sure.

    Negreanu put a rant on his forum stating the rule is not the issue. He was aware of it at the moment. The ruling was simply wrong because he was next to his table.
    What do you think about the necessity of the rule? Are there any ways to prevent such controversies?