Ivey at Crockfords, Lupus and WSOP

  • News on Ivey's vs Crockfords case released - Ivey admits to edge sorting. Also, celebrities play poker for Lupus and Nevada gets their second legal online poker room.

  • This week Nevada gets more poker action, while new details come out concerning Ivey's and Crockfords story. In U.S. a second Nevada's legal online poker room has been launched and Shannon Elizabeth among the celebrities playing poker for Lupus.

    WSOP.com in Nevada

    Real-money poker players in Nevada have another reason to cheer. A second legal online poker room was launched in their home state. WSOP have partnered with a gambling giant 888 to launch real money games. A few days before the official launch a number of selected players got to register early and test the software.

    Now, as of 19 September Nevada has two online poker rooms to play at.
    Congratulations, Nevada, hopefully soon-to-be joined by other states.

    Pokernews’ detailed article about WSOP.com has much more.

    Get Lucky for Lupus event raises $100.000!

    Last week we wrote that a bunch of Hollywood stars, singers, actors, poker players gathered to Los Angeles to play a charity event for lupus. Lupus LA is a charity organization that raises awareness about lupus. This was already $5th Annual Get Lucky for Lupus event. This year it raised almost $100.000!

    Shannon Elizabeth at Get Lucky for Lupus at Petersen Automotive Museum in LA.

    Photo by Tiffany Rose

    Ivey still not getting £7.4 million from Crockford’s

    We have been following the scandalous story about Phil Ivey and Crockford’s Casino since the very beginning. Ivey came to play, won £7.4 million at Punto Banco, casino refused to pay and launched an investigation.

    Even though this story does not seem to come to an end anytime soon, more details have been published.

    The story so far:

    • Phil Ivey and a female “companion won £7.4 million playing Punco Banco in August, 2012
    • Crockford’s returns Ivey’s initial £1 million deposit, withholds the rest of the winnings and launches an investigation.
    • Ivey files a law suit against the casino in May, 2013
    • Casino responds with claims that Ivey cheated by using “Edge sorting”

    What is “Edge Sorting?”

    Now Phil Ivey admitted to edge sorting but says he did not cheat. He claims that he used casino’s flawed deck to his advantage and determine the value of the cards but what he did is not cheating. Casino begs to differ and says that Ivey and his companion “operated a scam”.

    What do you think? Is edge sorting cheating or was it casino’s fault to protect their cards from flaws?