Celebrities come to play for Lupus

  • Today many celebrities met in Los Angeles to play poker to raise money for Lupus. Also, First Card of the Deck rule discussion continues with Dan O'Brien view.

  • Lucky for Lupus Charity event is taking place at the moment. Many celebrities and poker players came to play this $1000 event that has returned to Los Angeles for the 5th time. Shannon Elizabeth was there too.

    $1000 Lucky for Lupus

    Today an array of celebrities from all walks of life came together to play a special charity event. The list includes poker players (Jason Somerville, Tiffany Michelle, Jamie gold), MMA fighter Tito Ortiz, actor Marlon Wayans, Jamar Rogers, Michael B. Jordan, etc. We also know that Shannon Elizabeth will join the event as well.

    5th Annual Get Lucky for Lupus LA Celebrity Poker Tournament features a $1000 buy-in event. Jason Somerville recently tweeted that Tito Ortiz and himself reached the Final Table. Plus, after the event there will also be a silent auction.

    As soon as we know more about how the event turned out, we will bring you updates.

    First Card of the Deck Rule

    You didn’t think it would just simply go away, did you? After recent Daniel Negreanu’s outburst in EPT Barcelona High Roller the discussion about the necessity of the rule doesn’t stop for a second.

    To make it short, Tournament Director’s Association (TDA) meets once in every few years to discuss rules at poker tournaments all over the world and see what changes are needed. While European Poker Tour (EPT) has adapted First Card of the Deck (FCOTD) rule a few years ago, this summer TDA encouraged the implementation of the rule at the WSOP.
    The rule:

    Here is World Poker Tour Matt Savage’s point of view on FCOTD rule. He says it helps:
    • Game integrity as players can’t be behind your back to peek at your cards and then return to play.
    • Dealer integrity because they cannot manipulate (slow down or speed up) seeing a player is not at his seat.

    A poker pro Dan O’Brien today also decided to express his opinion why FCOTD rule is not good for the game and as a ‘paying customer’ he prefers Las Card of The Deck rule.

    He says that:
    • It doesn't really affect game integrity as it happens so rarely.
    • It does not affect dealer integrity if he wants to slow down a bit while a player is rushing towards the table. And if the dealer wants to speed up, he often has a decent reason for that (a player has acted improperly).

    Anyways, this rule will leave nobody indifferent. Feel free to check out both points of views, make up your mind on this issue and tweet us @pokerplayerbase.