FTP Galway ME, Online Poker Ruling and more

  • Poker brat Phil Hellmuth does a segment on poker for ESPN. Also, FTP Galway continued to see poker festival bring more happiness to poker players.

  • This week the inaugural Full Tilt Poker Galway ends. So far, Hansen won one event. But how did he run in Main Event? Also, there is some bad news about poker in U.S. As it may be ruled not as a game of skill.

    Interesting piece of news to all poker players. U.S. tries to appeal the judge’s ruling on poker to be a skill game. A few month ago, judge Weinstein ruled that a poker is a game of skill. The ruling was met joyfully.

    However now the judge’s decision has been appealed and the case awaits another ruling. However, Poker Player’s Alliance comments was not pessimistic:

    Today’s decision by the Second Circuit Court, while unfortunate, only adds to the growing call for federal clarity on the definition of gambling. The Second Circuit clearly did not dispute the district court’s finding that poker is a game of skill. This is a key point distinguishing poker from the types of gambling games that Congress and state legislatures have often tried to prohibit.

    Even though there is a lot of luck involved in poker, it is controlled by player’s skill. What do you think?

    7 Phil Hellmuth new segments

    Recently ESPN invited Phil Hellmuth to do a segment on “white magic”. The term is somewhat infamous in the way Phil Hellmuth uses it. Even though, in general he describes it as hand reading ability you may get the feeling that Hellmuth thinks he is the only one to have this. I leave it to you to judge.

    This is segment created in 2012:

    This week, another video appeared about Hellmuth’s “White Magic”

    We all know what Phil Hellmuth is in front of the cameras. There is another thing, though. Recreation players and somebody planning to start playing may not know Hellmuth’s reputation. Are these segments where a poker player talks about being good at poker like having somewhat magical abilities really good for poker in general? What are your thoughts?

    Gus Hansen plays in Full Tilt Poker Galway charity event

    Gus Hansen and new UKIPT ambassador Martins Adeniya were invited to charity event. Actually, that was the reason why they both had to sit out the High Roller event. There are not much news about the charity results, but Pokernews did an interview with Jesse May, a poker commentator who also has a €400 bounty to a player who knocks him.

    Also, the Main Event has started last week. However, it was not lucky for Full Tilt ambassadors. Hansen was one of the players that entered Day1A. However, his run was very short. 6 levels was enough for his top pair top kicker to be overtaken by an overpair held by Charlo Azzopardi.

    And it is not only the big events he plays. Yesterday he tweeted a picture of him entering €35 Daily Grind at UKIPT.

    September is a brilliant month for poker. Lots of many events are held, yearly leaderboards are soon to finish. It is really an exciting time. but before it comes, we still have a couple of weeks in August.