Doyle Brunson in back playing poker

  • Doyle Brunson makes an appearance at WSOP despite the fact that he previously announced he will not be playing in any of the events.

  • A few months ago, poker legend Doyle Brunson has announced that he will not be playing in this year’s WSOP. Also, Daniel Negreanu is furious because of new rules in tournaments released by Tournament Directors Board.

    Doyle Brunson is back

    Not that he has ever quit poker. But, he did tweet that for him the tournaments take too long and he will not be playing this year in any of the WSOP events. Keep in mind, Doyle Brunson has been playing here since the very first event in 1970!

    However, he made a surprise entrance a few days ago when he registered for $50k Poker Player’s Championship which seems to be the only event he will play this year.

    In addition to playing, he also made 28 prop bets for a possible profit of $800.000. He was an underdog in three bets – cashing, reaching final table and winning. In his own words,”in the worst case scenario he losses $140k, best case scenario – he wins $800.000.

    He did not reach Top 16 that will finish in the money at the Event #55 Poker Players Championship, so he lost all the prop bets.

    As the final table for the game resumes tomorrow, among the remaining 8 there is also Canadian poker player Johnathan Duhamel who is 6th in chips. Can he still take it down?

    Daniel Negreanu gives a piece of his mind

    A lot of poker players agree that with ever-evolving game, changes have to be applied in a lot of places. Especially, in such $40 million worth series like WSOP. Moreover, it is even more frustrating when time is wasted on rulings that do not raise much controversy or take up time.

    For example, last week Tournament Directors Association (TDA) met for their meeting in Las Vegas. After the meeting, their website has announced plans for some new rules to be implemented. A lot of players raised concerns about not being included into discussion.

    Among the players there was Daniel Negreanu that has commented on “fixing something that was not broken”. Particularly, ‘first card of the deck rule’ which states that instead of giving an unseated player time until the last card is dealt, his hand would be dead once the first card has been dealt.

    Daniel Negreanu is known for speaking his mind loudly. If you don’t follow him on twitter, here is what he wrote:

    Hearing rumors the TDA has completely lost their mind looking to 'fix' things that aren't broken. Over policing a poker game is silly. One rule is designed to just piss off your customers, TDA, and it's not fixing a current problem we face in poker. You aren’t forced to come up with new rules every year TDA.

    He continues by encouraging venues not to adapt TDA rules if they don’t agree with it as “players don’t care if tourneys use TDA rules”. He finished by promising to record one of his video rants on Youtube. In order to not miss it, follow Daniel Negreanu’s channel or follow our news in the upcoming days.