Annie Duke's statement on cheating

  • This week Annie duke comes forward to comment on allegations about cheating while she was a sponsored pro player at UltimateBet.

  • This week Annie Duke answered claims on cheating scandal while she represented Of course, it has raised some discussions in the community.

    Nuts of the week:

    • Federal Online Poker Bill re-introduced in U.S.

    Poker players have one more opportunity to play online poker legally. Rep. Peter King brought back the Federal Online Poker bill to the Congress.

    John Pappas, Poker Player Alliance says it is a long shot but it is still a nice addition to the state bills. All U.S. players (except Nevada) can is continue to wait and hope to get to play legal online poker soon.

    Annie Duke statement on cheating

    As we recently posted, new piece of evidence on UltimateBet owner Russ Hamilton cheating has been released that also implicates that Annie Duke, sister of Howard Lederer is also involved in cheating.

    Recently, Annie Duke has released a statement of her side of the story. The statement can be found on her Facebook page.

    Long story short, she denies anything about knowing and using the software to cheat other players.

    She talks in details about audio recordings and says that the fact that Russ Hamilton has accused her of using 15 minute delay software to see the whole cards shows that they are:

    Trying to concoct a story to cover up what they did by suggesting that a third party hacked a legitimate delayed broadcast tool to create a cheating tool.

    We will let you be the judge on how legitimate the story is.

    WSOP action continues as more poker stars enter events

    With International Stadiums Poker Tour and Asia Millions concluded, players from both sides of the world join players in WSOP. Sam Tricket, a leading British poker player and Michael Mizrachi both sponsored ISPT in Wembley. But hey are not wasting any time.

    Sam Trickett just arrived to Las Vegas and already played in $1.500 event. And after busting out he is planning to play in $10.000 Heads-up event today.

    Players from Asia Millions include Day 1 chip leader Johnathan Duhamel. He is already flying in to Vegas and will surely be looking to adding a second bracelet to his collection.

    Erik Seidel was also playing in Asia Millions but was one of the first players to bust.

    Today 44th Annual WSOP will see already Event 15 H.O.R.S.E. and Event 16 Heads Up kick off. Overall, this season there will be 64 events.

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