Phil Ivey is accused of cheating...and Anne Duke as well

  • New evidence on Ultimate Bet sheating scandal made public - 3-hour meeting audio where Russ Hamilton talks about cheating poker players on his site. Here is the story.

  • This week is all about poker scandals. EPT Grand Final is over with many happy winners but the stories emerging are not as happy. Crockfords casino say that Phil Ivey was cheating in his big win a year ago. Also, audio recordings were released giving public more details on Ultimate Bet ‘superuser’ scandal.

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    Doyle Brunson will not be attending WSOP tournaments this year. Sadly, the Godfather of Poker announced that for him they take too long.

    He also wrote a blog piece explaining the situation:

    Annie Duke cheating at Ultimate Bet

    If you remember, Ultimate Bet was the first of the three poker sites locked in the U.S. by the Department of Justice. A few days ago a new piece of evidence was made public – audio tape of a meeting where former Ultimate Bet owner Russ Hamilton admits on cheating his players at the site.

    But this is just one side of the story where players cheated involve Mike Matusow, Prahlad Friedman and even actor and a poker enthusiast Ben Affleck.

    The scandal also has drawn poker professionals Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke. However, they are on two separate barricade sides. Russ Hamilton confirmed that Phil Hellmuth was kept in dark and knew nothing about ‘super user cheating’.

    Of course, after hearing the contents of the audio recordings, Phil Hellmuth released a statement:

    I’ve made a living off of reading people at the poker table and in the business world. Trusting my gut has allowed me to be at the top of my profession and develop a lifetime of friends and great experiences.

    Unfortunately, I made a horrible read regarding my relationship with the founders of the now defunct online poker site Ultimate Bet.

    I trusted their team and believed in their ability to run a first class website and business. Most importantly, I allowed them to convince me that they were honest and forthright. I’ve never been more wrong about anything in my life.

    When I became aware of the cheating scandal, I immediately insisted that everyone be paid back and whoever was responsible be banished from the company. At the time, I was led to believe that if I left UB right away the business would be impacted and then less likely to pay its obligations to the victims. As such, I made the decision to believe the leaders of UB and stayed on in the hopes that they would make right to anyone cheated.

    Listening to the recently released audio tapes of the UB founders has brought this situation back into the forefront of my thoughts. To hear them discussing this situation and actively deciding to keep me in the dark disgusts and infuriates me. They lied to me about their activities and I made a big mistake in trusting them for way too long.

    I should have said something about this long ago, but until I heard the voices on the tapes myself I never really knew how wrong and misled I really was. I empathize deeply with the players who were taken advantage of through UB. Whether it is this or Black Friday, too many of my fellow poker players have lost confidence and their financial savings simply by playing the game they love. I hope that in the near future we have a strong, regulated online poker environment in the US so that we can all get back to playing the game we love. In the meantime, I want to pass along my support to everyone affected negatively through UB and my apologies for my initial support of people who didn’t deserve anyone’s trust in the first place.

    But Annie Duke on the other hand seems that not only knew about but used the account to win money playing poker. She as not answered the allegations herself but it would not be surprising for her to deny everything.

    What do you think?

    Phil Ivey’s £7.8 million case update

    As Phil Ivey sued the Crockfords for withholding his winning for almost a year, the UK casino has given an answer. They say they hold the money because Phil Ivey and ‘mysterious Asian woman’ have cheated the casino.

    Possibly, Phil Ivey had used markings on casino’s flawed cards playing Punto Banco. This game does not involve players touching the actual cards so the casino does not claim that Ivey has marked the cards.

    However, this may be hard to prove even if there is such a possibility using a technique called Playing the Turn (look at the image below).

    The image is from Daily Mail that first published the story:

    Anyway, one thing is sure. There will not be any conclusion to this story any time soon. Follow us and keep up to date with all the details.