New Negreanu rant and Pokerstars in N.J.

  • This week Rational Group branch Pokerstars gets refused their attempt to buy a casino in N.J. Also, Negreanu gets prepared for WSOP 2013.

  • Daniel Negreanu releases a new edition of his rants. As always he is honest and entertaining. He talks about his previous results and the upcoming World Series of Poker.

    Pokerstars refused a casino in N.J.

    U.S. poker players in N.J. were disappointed this week. Pokerstars casino case finally reached the ruling which was not in favor of the poker site. In short, reports on 17 May have announced that Atlantic County Superior Court did not allow Pokerstars to purchase a land casino for $15 million.

    First news about Pokerstars negotiations on buying a casino in NJ were heard in late, 2012. However, it did not go as planned.

    This means that largest poker site Pokerstars will have to search or another way to come back to U.S. online poker market that is built back from the zero. Currently, several states are running processes to legalize online poker and many more join them.

    Another Daniel Negreanu Rant

    Negreanu has had a bit of a winning streak recently to say the least. Since the start of the year, Negreanu went deep in WSOP Asia-Pacific, EPT Grand Final Monaco, 2013 Five Star World Poker Classic. This was bound to invoke one of his rants.

    In the video below Negreanu talks about his $25.000 buy-in WSOP Fantasy Draft, reasons for his recent success in poker. You have to love the way he is so honest and a little goofy.

    Check out Negreanu’s rant:

    Betting on poker?

    The majority of poker players are male. However, recently women have shown some kick ass results (Baumann and Hille bubbling WSOP ME FT on Day 7). What do you think are the odds of that getting even close in this year’s WSOP?

    Not many, according to various sports books.

    The odds female poker players get to survive in WSOP ME for at least 3 days are 10-to-1. Pretty narrow odds, to say the least.

    As you know, any deep female finish in poker tournaments gets much more publicity that is surely good for poker. Hopefully, women will get deep runs in World Series of Poker 2013 that starts next week, 29 May.