Court rules in favor of Ivey; Hellmuth up for $1 million challenge

  • Check out the news about the newest poker challenge worth $1 million. Also, today is the beginning of WSOP APAC and there will surely be top poker players.

  • This week after 18 months of ongoing trials Ivey's divorce may have been finally settled. Will it stick for long? Also, today the inaugural World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific kicks off. Lots of poker stars, lots of cash prizes and even more poker action await you.

    Nuts of the week

    • Today is the day every poker player has been waiting g for. Just now WSOP Asia-Pacific Main Event Day 1A has begun. We look forward to seeing some of the biggest names in poker. Phil Hellmuth has already registered, Negreanu is flying in.

    Zynga Poker has entered real money poker market. This is a big step for online poker as it shows play money poker players how safe is real money poker. It may not be the next poker boom but any publicity for poker is always good.

    Phil Hellmuth is up for a challenge

    This week two common rivals at the poker table, Phil Hellmuth and Tony G have announced that they are finally going settle their things once and for all. It is not some cheese game. Nope. They are up for a challenge were each of the contenders will come with $1 million.

    The winner wil claim the bragging rights as well as everything on the table while the loser will walk away with nothing.

    I am sure you have heard of the rivalry before, haven't you? Let the video below be a little reminder:

    Even though they have announced the challenge in public, neither of the poker players has confirmed the date or the game type or any other details.

    As soon as we get any updates, we will pass it on to you.

    Phil Ivey's life changing

    Tiger Woods of Poker, Phil Ivey was always known as a professional in his field. His hard-working personality has led him to be among the top earning poker players in the world. This does pay off.

    Unfortunately, his personal life was never going too well. Especially, the divorce settlement with Luciaetta Ivey that has been going for years now. log

    Luckily, April has begun on a high note for the Captain Americas . First,he managed to rake over $750.000 in online profits on Full Tilt Poker.

    If you don't remember, Luciaetta Ivey has appealed the divorce settlement on a claim that Ivey has given several donations to the judge who has ruled in his favor. There were two new judges appointed Mark Gibbons and Michael Cherry. The new ruling says:

    “The campaign contributions are insufficient to demonstrate that actual or implied bias existed on the part of Judge Gonzalez. Campaign contributions made within statutory limits cannot constitute grounds for disqualification of a judge under Nevada law.”

    Is this the end of the saga that has been going on for almost two years?