R.I.P. Jerry Buss

  • Tonight Jerry Buss has lost his fight to cancer. As a philanthropist and a poker player Buss received a lot of kind words from poker players all around the world.

  • Poker players pay their respects to poker player, owner of Los Angeles Lakers and “one of the nicest people in the world” Jerry Buss. Also, this week we have the complete results of Daniel Negreanu's Charity Challenge. Wonder how it go?

    Nuts of the Week

    • Pokerstars $7 Million Sunday. Poker players will be delighted to play at one of the biggest tournaments ever held. Of course, all top Pokerstars pros like Vanessa Rousso, Jake Cody, Liv Boeree and Daniel Negreanu will be playing. Will you?
    Check out the $5th anniversary video from Pokerstars. Hilarious.

    • Dwan is back to online poker. We have not seen much of him, but lately Tom Dwan had been grinding Pot Limit Omaha, 2-7 Triple Draw versus Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and it has been going great. Tom Dwan is $2 million ahead this year!
    • Hot Live Events upcoming – EPT London with Party Poker Premier League and WPT Venice.
    • If you are a fan of Michael 'The Grinder' Mizrachi and you find yourself not too far from Austria, head to WPT Baden.

    R.I.P. Jerry Bus

    Tonight the owner of L.A. Lakers Jerry Buss has passed away. As a devoted poker player, Buss also received a lot of nice words from the poker community. Doyle Brunson, Mike Matusow and many others payed their respects in the honor of a great man.

    Doyle Brunson said

    Phil Hellmuth shared a story

    Mike Matusow said

    Jerry Buss and Daniel Negreanu at HU National Championship

    Update: recent news from WSOP include a possible tribute event in upcoming WSOP 2013. We will pass the update as soon as we know more.

    Negreanu Charity Challenge

    On a higher note, Daniel Negreanu finished his $100.000 Challenge that he set u last week. As you remember, he decided to raise a 100.000 in 7 Days. Plus, all donations up to $50.000 he promised to double. So, with the help of top poker players they have raised $170.000.

    As he has been busy with his leadership program, not many news about Daniel Negreanu's life have been circling around. But he recently promised to get back grinding poker events which we are very looking forward to seeing. After all, Negreanu's yearly goals include a WSOP bracelet and many others.

    Negreanu 2013 Poker Goals

    1. Cash for $1.5 million in tournaments. There is no One Drop this year, and I'm missing the Aussie Millions big events, but there are plenty of other opportunities for big scores throughout the year so I'm upping my number to $1.5 million.

    2. Top the WPT All-Time Money List- I'm close to a million behind so I'll likely need to score in the 5 Diamond in December or the WPT Championship in May. Or both depending how Carlos does!

    3. Win a Bracelet in 2013- there are now three opportunities to win gold- Las Vegas, Paris, and Australia and I'll be attending each stop chasing the bracelet. I've been stuck on four for way too long now!

    4. Win a Major outside the WSOP- an EPT, WPT, HighRoller, or one of the various stops on PokerStars Global tours.

    5. Move up on WSOP cash list- I'm tied for 9th now with 59 cashes, and would be happy to move up to 7th spot ahead of Chau Giang (60) and Chris Ferguson (64). John Juanda sits ahead of me by 3 cashes but he is a machine so I can't expect to pass him in one year.

    6. Move up to 35th on WSOP All-Time Money List- just three spots but as I said before its hard to move up that list without some big scores! I could move past Brian Rast, TJ Cloutier, Chris Ferguson, Steve Danneman, and Johnny Chan with about $500,000 worth of scores assuming they don't score, but then will also get passed by likely the top 3 finishers in the main event.

    7. End 2013 in the top 10 of the GPI (Global Poker Index)- I did some research on this system and I like it. One of the few good things that was born out of the failed Epic Poker League was the advent of the GPI. It tracks three years worth of results and weighs more heavily the recent results you have. It's actually very similar to the Bluff Power Rankings, but it's a little more sophisticated and also has an extra year of qualifying events.

    8. No partying the night before any event I'm confident about this one and its a legitimate goal. Staying 100% focused for 365 days isn't always as easy as it would seem, but I got this. It doesn't mean I won't socialize with my friends on the tour, but the night before play I won't be out drinking massive tequila shots with Phil Ivey! In fact, I haven't touched tequila since and likely never will again! Just the smell of it reminds me of that night, well, what I actually remember from that night anyway.

    9. Make the top 10 of CardPlayer or Bluff Player of the Year- Will have to have a big WSOP to pull this off. Missing some big events in Australia and other events in the early part of the year, like the WPT Commerce event doesn't help with this goal, but solid results at the WSOP can get me there. 

    10. Shoot at least 12 Rants- So this isn't exactly a "poker goal," but staying connected to the poker community is important to me and it is in line with my main, overriding goal for 2013 which is to help the community and it's members any way that I can. Poker has hit a rough patch, and I'm confident that 2013 will be filled with a few more positive highlights and a little less negative highlights. 

    I don't plan on scheduling them weekly as I once did, nor will I plan on having them done by a certain date, but there will be at least 12 released in 2013.

    What goals do you have for 2013? Find un on Twitter @PokerPlayerBase. Come back soon for more news from poker world.