First match of Antonius vs Cao, EPT Deauville and more

  • What a week for poker players! Iveyoker acquires LeggoPoker, Antonius plays for $1 Million and so much more for online poker players.

  • EPT Deauville has reached its final stages and soon we will have the final table where the winner will walk away with $1 million! Also, $1 Million Challenge between Patrik Antonius and Rui Cao has been taken place yesterday morning. Here are the results. And we have got some more juicy news for you poker players around the world.

    Nuts of the Week

    • Good news for poker players in UK - Zynga Poker Plus, a platform for real money has been opened. So far, only UK players can play for real money but we will see whether it moves along in the upcoming weeks.
    • Pokerstars is open to Facebook. Play money, of course. But this is still a very good news not only for poker players but for the whole industry.

    • New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has only several hours (until 12:00, 7 February) to veto online poker legislation bill. If he doesn't, we will have one more state to move towards U.S. online poker.

    EPT Deauville update

    Yesterday EPT Deauville saw the bubble burst and already almost 70 players got paid. Among those is our featured poker player Vanessa Rousso who was very unlucky in the end where her QQ lost to A8. She was close to adding another money finish for her, and it was very unfortunate. Here is what happened in her own words:

    In Day 4 there will be 53 players coming back to compete for that $1 million prize, but only one will walk away with it. Still, it is much less tense atmosphere at EPT Deauville as everyone left will get paid.

    Patrik Antonius vs Rui Cao

    We were very excited to watch a returning challenge between Patrik Antonius and Rui Cao for $1 Million. Yesterday morning one-third of the challenge was completed where these two poker legends met at 2-7 Triple Draw. The winner here was Rui Cao but there are two more challenges to be played Pot Limit Omaha and No-Limit Hold'em both for $350.000.

    Moreover, there is going to be even more action at $1500/$3000 as the $1 Million Challenge has just been extended. We are talking about Viktor Blom challenging Patrik Antonius for a similar challenge.

    IveyPoker is close to opening

    We have talked so much about the upcoming IveyPoker training site launch and you already know that they have been running a little late. But we promise it is worth a wait because the poker site is already buzzing. The recent news include new poker players signings such as Aaron Jones, Jon Jaffe and Christina Lindley.

    But there is much more to add. The soon-to-be-opened poker platform has already acquired a whole training site – LeggoPoker. The ambitious acquisition is a start to form an Ivey League – poker teaching platform with videos, articles and more. Below we will give you the full statement from Ivey.

    Official statement from IveyPoker

    IveyPoker today announced the acquisition of LeggoPoker, a community-based website focused on teaching poker strategy through instructional videos from professional experts. Founded by Phil Ivey, IveyPoker offers a suite of innovative poker products and services designed to both entertain and educate poker players of all levels. The acquisition of LeggoPoker will serve as the foundation for a new IveyPoker product offering called Ivey League — a subscription-based poker teaching site featuring training videos and content from Team Ivey, a network of the world’s best professional poker players.

    Building off of LeggoPoker’s well-established and reputable poker training site, Ivey League will be the most effective way to improve one’s poker game by offering detailed, individualized instruction from world-class coaches who are invested in making better poker players. LeggoPoker’s team of highly-skilled instructors, including Aaron Jones, Dan Smith and Andrew Lichtenberger, will expand to include members of Team Ivey.

    "In my opinion, LeggoPoker is one of the best teaching sites on the market," said Ivey. "They are a great match with IveyPoker and together we will offer a top-notch educational poker destination in Ivey League."

    Ivey League is the next logical step for players after they’ve received initial instruction from the IveyPoker app, the highly-anticipated and soon-to-be-launched free-to-play social and mobile poker game. Designed by Ivey, the IveyPoker app offers a unique poker experience designed to both entertain and educate.

    On that note we have to end and we hope to see you come back soon for more poker player news!