Poker Players' ups and downs in 2012

  • 2012 was a fantastic year to poker in comparison to 2011. Today we look at the biggest winners and losers of the year. Also, we will continue the review of the most significant poker events in 2012.

  • Last time we looked at the most significant poker events in the 5 months of 2012. Today we will finish up with the revision of the year. But we will begin with the yearly summary of poker players' results throughout 2012 playing online poker.

    Biggest Winners and Losers in 2012

    It is not a secret – biggest action in today;s poker world is happening online. Especially, after Full Tilt Poker was back, three of the biggest poker names in High stakes Gus Hansen, Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom returned to tables to and went crazy at games such as $200/$400 PLO. In 2013 there is going to be even more action.

    In the list below, undoubtedly you will find some very familiar names however, not all went equally good for these players. The biggest winner of the year is Ben Sulsky with over 3.5 million in online poker winnings, while the biggest loser is actually unknown player Zypherin. Actually, poker players speculate that Zypherin might as well be the one and only, Guy Laliberté – the founder of Cirque De Soleil and One Drop Foundation.

    Biggest Online Poker Players in 2012 (Winners)

    1. Ben Sulsky (PokerStars) – $3 581 763
    2. Jens Kyllonen (PokerStars) – $2 492 278
    3. EireAbu (PokerStars) – $2 176 527
    4. Ben86 (PokerStars) – $2 136 109
    5. Kanu7 (PokerStars) – $1 635 244
    6. Ragen70 (PokerStars) – $1 618 381 doleris
    7. Bernard-bb (PokerStars) – $1 488 484
    8. Phil Galfond (PokerStars) – $1 417 998
    9. Longerpig (PokerStars) – $1 403 455
    10. Chung ho (PokerStars) – $1 229 812

    Unfortunately, some of the best known poker players that you can meet in practically each of the largest live poker events are among the biggest losers in online poker. That's Tom Dwan, Patrik Antonius, Viktor Blom and Gus Hansen. Actually, The Great Dane has a $6.5 million gap in winnings as he was the biggest winner of 2011 with $3,4 million!

    Biggest Online Poker Players in 2012 (Losers)

    1. Zypherin (PokerStars) – -$3 552 742
    2. Gus Hansen (FullTilt Poker) – -$3 109 619
    3. Viktor Blom (PokerStars) – -$2 673 899
    4. Patpatman (PokerStars) – -$1 791 000
    5. PepperoniF (PokerStars) – -$1 377 402
    6. Patpatpanda (FullTilt Poker) – -$1 277 896
    7. Broksi (PokerStars) – -$1 093 446
    8. Toweliestar (PokerStars) – -$1 015 679
    9. Patrik Antonius (PokerStars) – -$991 295
    10. Tom Dwan (FullTilt Poker) – -$987 189

    Revision of biggest poker events in 2012

    Today we will continue with our annual revision but if you want to see what was happening in poker throughout the first half of 2012, check out Part 1 of the revision. Lets look at the remaining 7 months of the previous year with action from WSOP in Las Vegas and online poker felt.

    June and July of 2012 obviously were mostly about World Series of Poker where this year 61 event tok place. You surely heard about Antonio Esfandiri $18 million win, Hellmuth's impressive 12th Gold Bracelet win that was also the first non-holdem bracelet he has won. Also, Michael Mizrachi returned to winning ways snatching his second 50k Player's Championship Title in three years!

    Also, in July WSOP Main Event was played with only Final Table called October Nine left to be settled. Greg Merson was the leader in chips. Only a win would make him the WSOP POTY and make Phil Hellmuth third time runner-up in the race.

    The biggest news in August, 2012 was the Pokerstars purchase of the Full Tilt Poker and the best news poker players have received in a long time – withing 3 months of the settlement Rest of the World poker players will get their Full Tilt Poker funds back. Also, in August Dan Smith Continued his good run with a win at EPT €50.000 Super High Roller Barcelona

    September, 2012 was the month for WSOPE where Phil Hellmuth won the Main Event to win 13th Gold Bracelet and over €1 million. A spectacular run that the Poker Brat has been on has made him ll-time leader in WSOP money finishes as well as in bracelets. Also, Antonio Esfandiari managed to claim a victory at €1.000 buy-in Event 2 for €126,207 and a 3rd WSOP Gold Bracelet.

    October was full of action with EPT San Remo, new FTP pro team The Professionals consisting of Gus Hansen, Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom is signed up. Plus, Greg Merson wins WSOP Main Event for over $8 million!

    November 2012 was special not only because U.S. had presidential election that saw Barack Obama triumph. On 6th November Full Tilt Poker was officially relaunched and automatically jumped to second place in online poker traffic. Of course, Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker double reign was soon over when in December Party Poker and Bwin Poker merged their player pools together. Also, December was significant for settlement between Lederer and DOJ and Ivey's return to tables of Full Tilt Poker.

    This was a quick look at the year. Of course, many significant events stay unmentioned even though many would agree they would be worth mentioning. Well, you can't put it all in one place as the year was just as active, or maybe even more active than 2011.

    When we return next week we will see how the action has unfolded in the Bahamas where PCA 2012 is about to start. There will surely be more juicy poker players' news so stay tuned!