Just a couple of days to New Year. Let's revise 2012

  • We revise the biggest poker player news in 2012. Also, a recent Hansen's tweet has raised a long discussion.

  • The year for online poker may not have been the greatest but for live poker it was as good as never before. Antonio Esfandiari won $18 million in the One Drop, Hellmuth extended his lead in the WSOP bracelet lead to 3, Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Gus Hansen are back to playing at Full Tilt Poker, etc. But first, let's see what kind of a tweet raised a huge discussion.

    Gus Hansen's tweet

    Just two days ago Full Tilt Poker pro Gus Hansen has tweeted a message defending a former board member of Full Tilt Poker Howard Lederer. This tweet has really hit it off in the forums as Howard Lederer is accused of the Full Tilt seizure and every matter related to Black Friday including money laundering.

    Hansen's tweet on Lederer:

    Last week Lederer has settled a Civil Case with the authorities that made many poker players quite angry due to the fact that, in short, Lederer does not plea guilty, only has to surrender his assets like houses, cars, etc. That's why Hansen's view on this was quite unexpected and has divided poker community to two different camps.

    We will stay away from commenting on either side but we have to agree that it is very interesting to see where will the discussion lead, will there be any conclusions made. etc.

    Revision of Top poker stories in 2012 (Part 1)

    This year poker world has shifted just like it did after Moneymaker won the WSOP, when UIGEA was passes in 2006, when Black Friday happened in 20011. This year first poker sites in U.S. were relaunched again and Full Tilt Poker was relaunched, Antonio Esfandiari won the biggest event in poker history and became an all-time leader in tournament winnings, Greg Merson won WSOP etc. Let's check out what happened in during the first 6 months:

    January 2012, Black Friday aftereffects are still heavily felt but the situation is improving. In January Ben Lamb was rewarded as his finishes did include 3rd place in WSOP 2011 (Martin Staszko took 2nd and Pius Heinz became the Main Event champion), 8th in $50k Poker Player's Championship and a win at $10,000 PLO Championhip.

    Tom Dwan's collegue at FTP, Viktor Blom was introduced as Isildur1 and managed to win PCA High Roller while the Main Event was won by Galen Hall. PCA Super Highroller was a second Top 5 finish for Daniel Negreanu (2nd in 2011, 5th in 2012). Only 9 days to go until the PCA 2013. It surely will be a spectacular event.

    February 2012 was not especially intriguing for live poker players with a few smaller poker events taking place. March saw Newest Pokerstars member Isaac Haxton and ex-Pokerstars Viktor Blom clash in SuperStar Showdown where they got a win each. Also, in March 2012 Pokerstars has launched ZOOM Poker – a platform for fast poker that we advertised by Rafael Nadal, Daniel Negreanu, etc. March was significant for the online gaming laws that allowed intrastate online poker in U.S. Bwin.Party was the first to apply for a license.

    In April 2012, Davidi Kitai won EPT Berlin for €712.000 and joins a mile-high club of Triple Crown winner with Jake Cody, Bertrand Grospellier, Gavin Griffin and Roland De Wolfe). This month Sam Trickett made his name known for a few more people by scooping a $2 million pot in Macau, a high-stakes cash games destination of 2012.

    And last for today but not least, May 2012 of course saw the start of WSOP 2012 and possibly the biggest event ever to be held, International Stadiums Poker Tour was announced. It gathered pace quickly with signings like Michael Mizrachi, Sam Trickett, David Benyamine and Liz Lieu. However, it may be true that up to the opening day the project will be called ambitious as the organizers expect €20.000.000 prizepool. Let's see when the 31 May comes.

    Next week we will finish up with the remaining seven months of the year 2012 and will look what to expect from the 2013. stay tuned for more poker player news!