WPT Montreal and Negreanu's New Rant

  • This week Daniel Negreanu has released a new video of his Rant Series where he talks about integrity in poker. Also, tomorrow WPT Mentreal kicks off, lots of action guaranteed.

  • WPT Montreal event starts tomorrow, 23 November day and will go on for a few days and we are sure to see some familiar faces there. Probably two of the most famous Canadians to represent poker are Daniel Negreanu and Johnathan Duhamel that are planning of playing in the $3.500 WPT Montreal Main Event.

    WPT Montreal this November

    One of the most exciting stops of the series - World Poker Tour Montreal is almost here. It will run 23 – 27 November at the PlayGround Poker Club. Hopefully, it will be just as great as the last year events. Usually, there are around 400 poker players enter the $3.300 Main Event and there are always players like Daniel Negreanu (WPT Season 3 Player of the Year), Antonio Esfandiari (Winner of WPT Season 2, Player of the Year), Gus Hansen (Season 1, Event #1 winner).

    As Main Event starts tomorrow, players are already grinding the tables in the Casino:

    Johnathan Duhamel busts in side event:

    Daniel Negreanu happy with the choice of accommodation:

    This year's WPT Montreal schedule:

    (Click on the schedule to enlarge)

    Gus Hansen needs more luck at the tables!

    One of the best-known poker players and the first Full Tilt Poker member on the relaunch Gus Hansen has had very little luck at the online poker tables since the relaunch. Reports show that he is down by $2 million. Although, he has had a little change in luck, Hansen admits he is still down more than he would have wished to start with:

    Negreanu's rant on Integrity

    And we are back with the Daniel Negreanu's rants that are really anticipated in the poker community. Of course, everyone has a different opinion on these rants, especially when themes covered include such like integrity, honesty, and paying debts. And it is not everyday people we talk about. These are poker players and gamblers making bets of millions of dollars.

    In the rant Negreanu released yesterday, he shared his story from the early poker days when had to return a debt and had to make a choice whether try to hide that he does not have the money and try to make it back quickly or come forward. And from this, some other topics come up including even poker players of today. There is also a quick rant about the Shot clock and Negreanu has a solution of his own.

    Negreanu Rant on YouTube


    Next week we will be back with some updates on how did your favorite poker players do in the WPT Montreal and much more news from the poker world. Follow us on social networks Twitter and Facebook and do not forget to come back soon!