Full Tilt Poker is back in a couple of hours

  • November 6, 2011 is going to make history forever. Poker players will definitely remember it as the return of full Tilt Poker. It is the same day when U.S. Presidential election takes place.

  • Today is the day when even Merson's WSOP Main Event win is not as important. Today is the day when the rush is back. The thrill is back. Yes, poker world can again sit down at Full Tilt Poker real-money tables and enjoy high stakes action from the Full Tilt Poker team members Tom Dwan, Gus Hansen and Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom.

    Today happens to be also the day when U.S. Presidential election takes place. It is not firmly agreed whether it will have an impact on poker but nevertheless poker players such as Daniel Negreanu have strong opinions and are happy to pas it on to oyu. We can only take the place of the transmitter of the news.

    6 November. 3 hours to Full Tilt Poker relaunch

    Every poker player agrees that it was a disgusting year and a half that changed the face of poker for ever. Black Friday has shattered a major part of online poker industry and still players are gathering up the pieces. Finally, one massive piece will be put back to the picture. And the picture is Full Tilt Poker Real-money games.

    The online poker site to be relaunch in 3 hours have kept poker community buzzing with new signings, new on their rewards program, their promotions, etc. so far they have re-signed two of their old Team Members while signing of Blom was just meant to be.

    One of the team members called 'The Professionals” Gus Hansen has been tweeting day in and day out about his excitement on the return of FTP. He's even got some predictions:

    Well, it is easy to predict High Stakes action when you know some history between Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom. It all started when Full Tilt Poker was joined by anonymous player with ninja avatar Isildur1.

    The heat he put on FTP High stakes poker players was amazing while their duels with Tom Dwan became world famous. Pots reached millions of dollars but they were throwing it away like in $0.02/$0.04 cent game. That's why re-signing of Tom Dwan and Viktor Blom was just inevitable.

    U.S. Presidential Election – Obama or Romney?

    Today is the day when America will give its vote for either President Barack Obama and give him four more years or Mitt Romney, a republican candidate. To some it maybe a choice connected I no way with poker. Especially, when poker legends such as Doyle Brunson is considered to be an active supporter of Mitt Romney.

    However, Doyle Brunson himself begs to differ with his latest tweet:

    But is presidential election a poker question? If Obama is given four more years, then probably no. As a poker player the U.S. President is not likely to take any drastic measures against online poker and let it run its course.

    Obama and Negreanu:

    However, it is very likely that Romney as a President of U.S. will not allow online poker to be back on any level at all in the country.

    Romney had said:

    I don't want to increase access to gaming. I feel that we have plenty of access to gaming right now through the various casinos and establishments that exist.”

    It is still to early to tell which candidate is really better for online poker so only time will show whether the Americans made the right decision (whichever it is today).