New poker show 'Full House' announced, five days to WSOP ME Final Table

  • Full House with Johnny Chan is a new poker show that may not have started at its best but it surely does have potential. Also, Howard Lederer is back to playing tournaments.

  • No one can escape it. With less than two weeks until Full Tilt Poker reopens and only five days until WSOP $10.000 Main Event Final Table is held it is hard to find some news that are more important for poker players. Obviously, poker world never stops spinning so there is always something. for example, FTP's Howard Lederer is back playing tournament poker and a new reality show with Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson has been announced.

    We saw another blast of Daniel Negreanu after the news that Howard Ledered is back to playing tournament poker. He bought in twice to the $10.000 tournament at the Bellagio. This has been a trigger to another Negreanu blast and we are sure this will be included into his next rant. Adfter finding the news, KidPoker has tweeted:

    According to Negreanu, even though seeing Lederer play again is no news anymore, this did strike as shocking news. One thing is to see a tweeted picture of him playing among his friends such as Eli Elezra and Doyle Brunson but a totally different thing is to see him sit down at a table with players that he stole money from.

    An excerpt from Negreanu's post:

    Who's right and who is wrong we let you decide. All we can hope for is to see all ex-poker players get their money back. On the bright side, poker gets more publicity with the new poker show set to appear featuring Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson.

    Full House with Johnny Chan

    The new reality TV hosted by 10 WSOP bracelet winner Johnny Chan has been announced with the video that has caused lots of controversy over appearing very fake. Producers of the show stated that: “Viewers need to know that it is not a trailer but a physio reel (demo) where the players were forced to over act because the purpose is to sell the concept to the networks".

    See the video for yourself:

    the poker players really seem to overact but if the episodes are going to be more realistic, we are sure it will be a hit in poker community. So far, we did catch a glimpse of Doyle Brunson who is going to appear in the show. He has been helping to promote it, as well. Will there be any more well-known poker players we are yet to see.

    Producers of the Full House with Johnny Chan say that they did get several offers and the shooting of the first episodes may start even before the New Year or maybe in early January.

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