Ivey open up a new site while Hellmuth may lose his POY dream

  • WSOP Final Table had returned tonight and only three players remaining. One of them is Gregory Merson who features in all of today's poker player's news.

  • This does not get any biggest than that. Tonight poker players from all over the world tuned in to watch World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table aka The October Nine. The play has been cut down to a trio that will resume the play tomorrow. Here is the update and more poker players' news.

    WSOP Main Event Final Table

    To begin with, we will take up the news that are still boiling hot. The Main Event Final Table was played tonight. 9 Players came to play and three of them will resolve all the remaining issues tomorrow.

    Final Table preview:

    After almost 8 hours of playing, we saw Steven Gee, Michael Esposito, Rob Salaburu, Andras Koroknai, Jeremy Ausmus and Russel Thomas all say goodbye to their dream of becoming this year's WSOP Main Event Champion. Three players remaining are Jesse Sylvia, Gregory Mason and Jacob Basinger.

    WSOP Main Event Final Table payout:

    Phill Hellmuth's dreams may shatter

    As Final Three include Gregory Merson (who is chip leader at the moment) Phil Hellmuth's dream of becoming WSOP Player of the Year may shatter for the third time! In recent years, Hellmuth finished as a runner-up twice already and even though he is now the leader, it may all change quickly.

    Hellmuth had a great performance at WSOP in Las Vegas and he also won the Main Event in WSOPE. But he knows he is very close to losing his POTY spot as after Merson's massive double up over Koroknai Hellmuth tweeted:

    WSOP POTY standings prior the Final Event

    Greg Merson had a great year. He managed to win over his addiction to drugs and for that he has been rewarded a great year of poker. He had won the $10,000 No Limit Texas hold 'em - Six Handed and finished in the money in two more events in 43rd Annual WSOP.

    The first place win at the Main Event rewards a player 500 hard points and it is not hard to count that a win would put Greg Merson as a leader of the year while Phil Hellmuth would slide to 2nd for the third time in several years. There are no WSOP tournaments to play this year so Merson would be crowned champion.

    Phil Ivey's new poker training site

    Another news featuring our hero of the hour is about another poker pro Phil Ivey. He has announced of a upcoming launch of a new training site. Ivey said“I think a lot of people really don’t know how to play poker, and I think this is going to be an opportunity to play with the best players in the world”.

    The new training site is called IveyPoker nad it seems that Phil Ivey does take it seriously as players that are going to provide free poker lessons include Patrik Antonius, Jennifer Harman and, as we mentioned before, Greg Merson. The site has been already launched and players can sign up for an early newsletter and hopefully we will soon see the site booming with free poker videos and tips from the best of the best.

    Tomorrow we will see WSOP Main Event final table continued. Will the previous chip leader Jesse Sylvia bounce back or maybe Balsinger will become the youngest player in WSOP history to win the main event? Or maybe it is all been resolved with the chiplead in Merson's hands? Who's your favorite?