The biggest one-day High Roller event in Macau has all the stars

  • Today, 31 August in Macau, 80 of the world's most famous poker players in the world will gather to play at the biggest prizepool one-day event poker world has ever seen - Macau High Stakes Challenge. There will be Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan, Sam Trickett and man

  • Macau has already long ago became a place for poker pros to play the most profitable cash games in the world with the biggest names including Phil Ivey, Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan and Gus Hansen. Today, 31 August there is a Macau High Stakes Challenge tournament to be held with over $20 million in prizepool. While one half of the poker world will put all eyes on the game in Macau, the rest is already going ready to take their chances at Pokerstars WCOOP that starts this weekend.

    Biggest names in poker to play

    The amazing tournament is to be held in Poker King Club at Starwood Hotel. The cap is set to 80 players to make sure it is one-day event. This way it will become the biggest one day event in poker history. With a cap of only 80, we are sure to see the biggest poker celebrities in the business. We heard, that among signed-up players there are names such as Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan, Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen, Brian Rast, Erik Seidel, Joe Hachem, Nam Le, Igor Kurganov, John Juanda, Johnny Chan, Sam Trickett, Andrew Robl. Of course, this bunch will be joined by many Chinese businessmen that are aspiring poker players, too.

    For a look at cash games that Dwan, Ivey and the rest play in Macau so often, there is a video of Macau High Stakes Challenge that was held a year ago:

    We are used to hear that players come to Macau to play cash games of the highest stakes (nosebleeds). There are stories that a pot only exceeds $3 million! But today even cash game players sign up for this $HK2.000.000 buy-in ($258.000) tournament. For the same amount they also get a chance to rebuy once.

    Poker community is buzzing about the upcoming game but there is very little from the players themselves. For example Sam Trickett has wondered about the prizepool of the tournament (which as we know now is not going to be larger that at One Drop):

    And it seems that Eric Seidel has a very strange trip Macau however it is hard to imagine Seidel as Mr. Been though:

    WCOOP kicks off this Weekend

    As for online poker, Pokerstars WCOOP with $30 million throughout 65 events is to be launched this weekend. No doubt about it - the series will be a great success. Especially, Daniel Negreanu is looking forward for these series as he recently tweeted to be planning to play 65 tournaments out of 65 there is.

    We are surely going to see him play at $5.200 Main Event, $10.300 Highrollers, 8-game and others. Afterall, 9 out of 65 tournaments at WCOOP has $1 million+ prizepools. We are definitely going to see lots of poker stars play at these series so we will keep you updated as soon as we get the news.