The day that changed the face of poker: The Big One for One Drop

  • A founder of Cirque du Soleil Guy Laliberté is an avid fighter against poverty in Africa and it was a shock to everyone in poker world when Guy announced a charity event with a $1 million buy-in. Almost 50 players joined the game for a fight for a...

  • The participants at 43rd Annual WSOP The Big One for One Drop

    All of the poker community watched closely all the announcements about more and more players to buy-in for the huge event. The charity event of such magnitude was going to be held for the first time but everybody knew from the start that the event will be going to be something spectacular.

    While most of the participants did buy-in with $1 million, some players like Phill Hellmuth and Gus Hansen won satellites to play at the One Drop. Here you could see the bets of the best, but there were a few players to miss this. The famous players that did not play at the One Drop include Tony G who had already bought-in to the tournament but gave his seat to Roland De Wolfe because he had to travel with Lithuanian basketball whose ambassador Tony G is. Another player to miss this tournament is the Swed Viktor Blom aka Isildur1.

    Final Table players

    The game format claimed that out of $1 million buy-in, 11% goes to One Drop Foundation while the rest of the money make a prizepool to be shared by Top 9 players. The Final 9 included: Mike Sexton, Antonio Esfandiari, Sam Trickett, Phil Hellmuth, Guy Laliberté , David Einhorn, Brian Rast, Richard Yong and Bobby Baldwin. The 3-day event was amazing and someone had to win the first place prize.

    Big One for ONE DROP Payouts:

    1st: $18,346,673
    2nd: $10,112,001
    3rd: $4,352,000
    4th: $2,645,333
    5th: $1,834,666
    6th: $1,621,333
    7th: $1,408,000
    8th: $1,237,333
    9th: $1,109,333

    85 hands of the Final Table

    What a great fight the whole event was. Unbelievable. The final table started with Trickett( 37 million) and Esfandiari (39 million) being way ahead in chips than everybody else. The closest to them both was Guy Laliberté with 21 million chips. Actually, the final table included four professionals as well as four non-professional poker players.

    One by one players were knocked out. First it was Richard Yong eliminated by Brian Rast, in 7th place spectators saw Bobby Baldwin eliminated by Guy Laliberté, Brian Rast was knocked out in 6th. In 5th Esfandiari eliminated Laliberté, while Hellmuth fell in 4th. By then, Einhorn was heavily losing on chips and soon was knocked out in 3rd.

    Finally, it was all head-up, Esfandiari against Trickett. The Magician was heavily in front in chips so it all lasted just 16 hands. The last hand saw Jd5d5c on the Flop and both players after series of re-raises go all-in. Trickett's tournament life was on the line. He showed a flush draw Qd6d while Esfandiari opened with 7d5s. The Turn went 3h and the River was 2h.

    The Magician won the biggest prize in his career and all the history of poker, $18 million. Instantly, Esfandiari became the All -time Earning Poker player with over $23 million. Sam Trickett's $10 million 2nd place prize helped him climb to 4 place on the same list. This tournament has made 43rd Annual World Series of Poker the Wealthiest Poker tournament of all time while $18 million prize becomes the biggest ever money prize in a sports event. Well, let's wait until the next year.