The Best Female Poker Players

Poker is known a bit like a boys only club. Since the Old West men gather with their whiskeys and their cigars and try to take each others money by outplaying their opponent at card games. But times have changed a lot. Not only the image of poker players as gamblers have transformed to poker players as celebrities. Now women get more and more attention in poker. And it is not all about having a pretty face in the team. Many women in poker have already proved to be as good as the best male poker players in the world.

Best Poker Players in the World

Image of poker has changed a lot. Now more and more women join the game, more tournaments for female players are held and even though in poker tournaments such as World Series of Poker Event female players in quantity are still overwhelmed by male poker players, we get to see more and more female players to win poker tournaments online and live. By this day, there are at least 18 female poker players that in poker tournament winnings exceed $1 million. But we are certain there are even more that have reached this limit in cash games.

With increasing numbers of women at poker tables obviously a lot of best female poker player lists have been appearing. A few names come in mind when we think about the best female players in poker today but one name does stand out the most. Vanessa Selbst is on Top in tournament winnings among poker tournament women after the 43rd WSOP and her recent appearances seem to keep her in the top for a while. But there are plenty of poker players that are very close to Selbst, too.

In terms of latest wins in tournaments Vanessa Selbst also is the best among women players. Not only she finished 1st for $244.000 in a Event #52 - WSOP 10 Game Mix / Six Handed, but she also managed to finish in the money in total of 5 WSOP Events in 2012. Wondering who's running in the second? We think that it is worth mentioning Maria Ho who in terms of cashes has been running extremely good in 2012. She finished in the money 8 times and 5 of them in 43rd annual WSOP. But we place her in second as it is only about quantity while no much quality in the cashes (in 2012 none of Ho's money finishes exceed $50.000)

But everybody knows that being the best poker player in the world does not make you untouchable. You may be simply running bad so a downswing in your performances in live poker events is inevitable. So let's not look only at recent results at the felt but also at all-time female poker players list in tournament winnings as well as big wins at grand poker tournaments such as WSOP and WPT. This will allow us to really filter out only the best poker players in the world.

Top 10 female poker players

Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst is definitely a top poker player. Not only among female poker players but among any today's poker players. She plays as Pokerstars Pro, has two WSOP Bracelet wins in 2008 and 2012, overall 16 money finishes with 5 of them in the 43rd Annual WSOP. In total, Selbst has over $5.5 million in tournament cashes which makes her 1st among female players and 54th in all-time poker tournament earnings. After her amazing performance in 43rd WSOP she cracked TOP 3 of Global Poker Index.

Vanessa Rousso

Is there anyone who does not think that she is the hottest babe in poker world we do not know but no one has become a Pokerstars Pro just because of the pretty face. Certainly not Vanessa Rousso. She has already collected over $3.4 million bankroll from her tournament winnings. Her results put her in the Top 3 in tournament earnings among female poker players. Her most spectacular appearances at the felt include 1st place at PokerStars EPT Monte Carlo - Season 5 and 1st at 4th Borgata Poker Open / WPT Event Season 5.

Annette Obrestad

The Scandinavian lady Annette Obrestad is one of the hardest players to beat at the poker table. She is only in her early 20s' but her major wins already include big wins online as well as at biggest live tournaments. Of course, we are talking about World Series of Poker Main Event that she won in 2007 in Europe just after her 19th birthday. She finished second in the same year in 2007 European Poker Tour Dublin event. Now her wins exceed $3.5 million.

Jennifer Harman

Jennifer Harman Tranielli or simply 'Jen' has been playing poker since she was 8 years old. It does seem it is true because her achievements in poker is no less that spectacular. She is in her 40s but has claimed over $2.5 million in poker earnings which makes her Top 5 in All-time tournament winnings among female poker players as well as Top 5 in WSOP Winnings among Female players.

Kathy Liebert

For a very long time Kathy Liebert was No. 1 in All-time Female Poker Players' Tournament Winnings' list (in 2012 she was pushed to second by Vanessa Selbst. Now she has over $5.5 million in tournament winnings that is conducted by an astounding 194 live tournament cashes throughout career. And she is yet in her 40's! In 2004 she won a NL Holdem Shootout Event in WSOP and won her first and only Gold Bracelet of the Series while in 2009 she also won a WPT Season 8 Finals.

Liv Boeree

A Pokerstars Pro Liv Boeree is not only one of the hottest players in poker arena but also one among those that should be feared the most. Over $2 million in tournament cashes brings this Brit to 6th place in our list. Her biggest win so far is EPT event in San Reno in 2010 for $1.6 million. Even though she is one of the hottest players around, do not mistake her for a bimbo. Her nickname at the felt is Iron Maiden and she will definitely rock your world at the poker table.

Annie Duke

A former Full Tilt Poker Pro and a sister of Howard Lederer admits that her brother was the one who encouraged her to try out poker. And it really seems that this career choice was right for Annie as now she has over $3 million in career winnings including 1 WSOP Bracelet from WSOP 2004 $3,000 Omaha High-Low 8 Event.

Maria Ho

Maria Ho is a Taiwanese poker player that has over $1.2 million in live tournament winnings. She is yet to win a WSOP Bracelet or a title in WPT but many poker players admire Ho's achievements at a poker table. Moreover, she is certainly more than just a poker babe with her best performance in WSOP ending in 2nd in 2011 $5000 buy-in WSOP No-Limit Hold'em and a 2nd place in 8-Game Tournament in Aussie Millions. In 43rd WSOP she finished in the money 6 times for a total of 17 WSOP money finishes which makes Maria Ho our No.8 in the Top Female Poker Players' list.

Victoria Coren

Vicky Coren is a poker pro as well as a journalist. She follows both these paths since she was a teenager and is pretty good at both. She plays poker as Pokerstars Pro but she does not have any big recent wins and does not have any WSOP bracelets. So, what brings British-born poker star to 9th of the Top Female Poker Players' list? Even without recent big wins, Victoria is one of the most important figures in British Poker Arena while her biggest win includes 1st in EPT London.

Anna Marquez

A very young Pokerstars Pro who has just began her poker career but many poker players see a long future for her so meet Anna Marquez at the last place of Top Female Poker Players. Her live tournament winnings just exceed $250.000 but her achievements include 10th in PCA 2011 Main Event and 9th in EPT Madrid in Season VII.